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BOB Prime Credit Card is generally a secured credit card that is issued against fixed deposits. These credit cards are proved worthy for students and low-income individuals.

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One who holds an account with BOB and has a fixed deposit of 15,000 rupees or more will get guaranteed issuance. Moreover, it provides a cashback of 1% and a fuel surcharge waiver facility. Read some of its extra features in the following post.

BOB Prime Credit Card
Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card

BOB Prime Credit Card Features

BOB Prime Credit Card has some key features which you will know about in this section.

Guaranteed Approval

You will get hassle-free guaranteed approval for a Prime credit card against a Fixed deposit of Rs.15,000 or more. Moreover, there is no need to provide salary proof.

Lifetime Free Credit Card

The BOB Prime card is free for a lifetime because the bank never asks for its joining and annual fees.

1% Cashback on all spends

  • You will earn 4 reward points every time you spend 100 rupees on any category.
  • The value of these 4 reward points on redemption will be 1 rupee.

Easy EMI Option

Just like all other Bank of Baroda credit cards this Prime credit card also provides an Easy EMI option to convert the spending of over 2500 rupees into 6 to 12 months EMIs.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Furthermore, the fuel surcharge waiver feature will save some amount of your money on fuel transactions made within India. A maximum of 1% of fuel surcharge will be waived off and 250 rupees of benefit will be given per statement cycle.

The eligible transactions for fuel surcharge waiver should remain between INR 400 to 5000.

Multiple Redemption Options

You can choose whether to redeem your reward points against offers or cash back.

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BOB Prime Card Benefits

BOB Prime Card consists of multiple benefits for the cardholders to enjoy.

In-Built Insurance Cover

Though a Prime credit card is a basic credit card still it ensures the financial protection of the cardholder’s family members under In-built insurance cover.

Zero Liability on Lost Card

If you lost your credit card in any circumstances kindly report it to the Bank of Baroda immediately and there will be zero liability on all the fraudulent transactions.

Free Add on Card

Moreover, Prime credit cardholders are eligible to get up to 3 add-on cards for family members above 18 years. i.e. spouse, parents, children, siblings.

Revolving Credit Facility

The BOB Prime credit cardholders can avail of the revolving credit facility by simply making payments of the Minimum Amount Due.

Interest Free Credit Facility

Furthermore, enjoy the interest-free period of 50 days from the date of transaction/ purchase.

Credit card creditors have started to help out the users with bad credit limit. If you are the one struggling, go for Milestone Gold Card here.

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Prime Credit Card Eligibility

The eligibility information of the Prime credit card is published in this section.

  • Prime credit card applicant must reside in India and have Indian citizenship.
  • Moreover, he or she has an account with the Bank of Baroda.

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Prime Credit Card Documentation

The details for mandatory documents that require applying for a Prime credit card are mentioned below.

1. Address ProofRent agreement, electricity bill, driving license, Aadhar card
2. ID ProofPan Card, Voter Id, Aadhar Card
3. PhotographColor passport size photograph

Pros and Cons

1. Guaranteed 1% cashback1. Fewer reward rates
2. Best for an individual with low income2. Not for high spenders
3. No joining and annual fees3. Lack of perks and promotional offers

BOB Prime Credit Card Apply

One can apply for BOB Prime Credit Card by visiting the branch. The following are the basic requirements for approval.

  • The applicant must have an account with the Bank of Baroda.
  • Prime Credit card applicant bank account must contain a minimum amount of 15,000 rupees.

Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card Fees and Charges

The joining and annual fees for the Bank of Baroda Prime credit card are published in the following table.

1. Joining FeesNil
2. Annual FeesNil


The BOB Prime credit card is one of the best cards in the secured credit card industry. It requires only 15,000 rupees in the bank account as a fixed deposit for the card issuance which is very less as compared to other bank credit cards.

Primarily this credit card is made for students and low-income individuals that is why it has limited benefits and features. The cardholders can save themselves from impulsive buying habits. In our opinion, if you are looking for your first credit card then you must try your hands on the BOB Prime card.

The official website address is

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What is Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card?

The Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card generally comes under the secured credit card category. It is issued against FD and the account must have 15,000 rupees or more for guaranteed approval.

The Prime credit card is basically launched for students and low-income individuals.

Does Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card offers a fuel surcharge waiver?

Yes, the cardholders are eligible for enjoying the benefits of a fuel surcharge waiver of 1% across all the fuel stations in India.

Which document do I need to provide as income proof?

Generally, there is no requirement of submitting income proof for applying for a BOB Prime credit card. The only requirement is your account should have 15K rupees or more for guaranteed issuance.

Is BOB Prime Credit Card Lifetime Free?

Yes, you do not have to pay joining and annual fees for Bank of Baroda Prime credit card.

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