Can You Return a Financed Car Back to the Dealer?

The reality is that you are not allowed to return a financed car back to the dealer, which is financed by most of the dealers. As soon as you clear the debt, the complete authority of the car is transferred to you. There are also some alternates. That while you are still paying debt and all of a sudden you don’t need the car. Then you can sell it to a third person privately and take the payment from him and pay off your remaining debt.

You can return a financed car back to the dealer usually within three days of procuring and prevent credit damage. This completely relies on the contract and the dealer. However, according to the contract, you can return the financed car within a specified time period, and the agreement will not stay active.

Contact the auto dealer and the creditor, inform them about your intention of returning the car and request to call off the loan. In addition to this, alert the finance company and the dealership about your intentions.

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The dealership accepts the car only in mint condition; They will not accept the car if the car has any damages or you have violated the extra milages rule.

You have to pay interest at any cost, whether you finance the car or not. As you sign the contract at that very moment, you will have to pay interest. The finance company will charge the interest prior to the cancellation of the purchase. You will have to give a valid statement and reasoning for the cancellation of the purchase.

Ways to Back From the Financed Car

Firstly if you are planning to finance a car, then be sure that you can make the monthly payments while and can still make ends meet. In case if something doesn’t go as planned, then here are a few options that you can go with.

Selling the Car

This is not usually recommended that selling your ride after all that struggle you did for it. But if the monthly installments are making it complicated to make ends meet, then you can opt it. By doing this, you can privately trade your car with a third person and get the installments while paying off the debt. After receiving the payment for the buyer, you can pay off the rest of the debt with the money. And eventually, you will have some cash for which you can look for a cheaper option.

Moreover, the original person to whom the loan is granted must keep in mind that the contract holds the title of lien on it. This means that the lender will own the car, until the clearance of the debt. This keeps you from transferring the ownership of the car to another person.

The dealership will not buy the car; it is likely that you won’t get that same amount in which you were purchasing and eventually won’t have a sufficient amount to overcome your debt. 

Negotiation to Return a Financed Car Back to the Dealer

There are high possibilities that this alternate may work. You try talking or negotiating with your lender and talk him into signing a deal in accordance with your situation. If your financial problems are momentary, then your lender may make your monthly payments flexible, reduce your monthly installments for a certain time period until your financial situation returns to normal. Keep in mind that every lender has its own policy. So get in touch with your lender and check for the alternates available and opt for the best for you.

Loan Refinancing

This is the real deal; if you are fortunate and end up having it in your favor, then you are in for a treat. The option which is being discussed is refinancing your loan granted by the lender or creditor. Getting your debt refinanced is not a piece of cake, but every struggle bears a fruit, right! It has its advantages as well, firstly after paying the debt for about two or three months now, you have finally created your credit history, making payments within the due date has left a fine impression, and maybe you end up having the situation in your favor.

Due to the reduction in rates, you may get a lower rate and eventually will pay less or may get an extended repayment plan, expanding your monthly installments making your debt longer; by this, it will likely be more affordable.

Trade With Other Cars

A lot of time, when the customer purchases the car, the other model gets his attention, and now the customer desires to obtain that model. In these types of situations, the customer can always refer back to the finance company. The customer can discuss a change of interest in another model. And can opt for the trade-in option and get the desired car.

Repossession While Negotiation to Return a Financed Car Back to the Dealer

The very word gives an idea that it is something about possessing. Possession means having the right to something. Seek a volunteer who will procure the possession of the car if the dealers are not agreeing to take back the financed car.

It is a simple phenomenon that if a person owns something, it becomes the responsibility of that person for all of the expenses incurred or any payments related to it. So the same condition applies in this situation. It is now the duty of the individual who has possession of the car will pay off the remaining debt. Opting this choice and making it work is not a piece of cake and is a very risky move. Because it is nearly impossible to find a person who will hold possession of your financed car. Because initially, all the documents regarding the debt have your name, the person who has ownership should be trustworthy and should willingly repossess your car without any hesitation.

Another approach is that take your financed car back to the dealership. The dealer will arrange an auction, and the vehicle will be sold, and you can use that amount to pay off your loan.

If by any chance, you sell the vehicle at a price lesser than the original amount, then the customer will pay the remaining balance; in conclusion, this results in the reduction of the credit score.

Avoiding the Penalty While You Return a Financed Car Back to the Dealer

Everyone hates to pay the price for something they haven’t done. Yes, its penalty is being discussed over here because customers don’t return the car financed. Because this action is taken under some serious problem. The possible problems which the customers have to face are, unable to meet the expense of monthly payments of the debtor get tangled in poor financial conditions. These are the few reasons why a person returns a financed car.

Customers try their level best to avoid the penalty but sadly, it is inevitable. Having alternates such as trade-in your car or resell it privately still after having these options in grasp, neither you won’t obtain the price desired when reselling car to the dealer nor will receive the initial down payment. The penalty is only avoidable in only a specific condition that is it is taken legally. Then you might have a chance of breaking the ice with your dealer. And maybe able to negotiate the financers and end up avoiding the penalty.

Before taking any decision in our lives, we should always have a plan or backup that if something backfires, how we can overcome them without getting things off the track. So while keeping the above impediments and problems in mind, it is always good to consult with a financial expert and get yourself a detailed financial plan including all the possibly occurring problems before financing a car. A small mistake may result in bigger losses but you still have a lot of options to recover or rebuild your credit score with some readily available options.

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