Carter’s Credit Card Review 2021


Comenity Bank issues the Carter’s Credit Card, which is a store rewards card. Discounts on specific brand items or purchases are usually available through store reward cards. This card is for “personal usage” by individuals with a good credit history. Rates may differ depending on the application, but the lowest normal APR is 25.99 percent.

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Features of Carter’s Credit Card


Because this card does not have an introductory APR, eligible purchases may be subject to the standard or lowest rate immediately or after the grace period. This card doesn’t have any yearly fee.


Carter is a store or brand-specific rewards card. Users can expect gift vouchers, rewards, or based on the offer specifications even rebates for your purchases.

Register your Carter’s Credit Card for Online Account Access Anytime, Anywhere. When you register, you can pay your bill, examine statements, change personal information, and much more from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This is a great addition to the Rewarding Moments reward program, which has over 12 million members. Carter’s credit card program provides new perks to its customers, such as free shipping on all orders, double points, and exclusive events for cardholders only.

Approval Rate of Carter’s Credit Card:

There are currently no applicant results in our system. By providing your application results before others apply for this card, you can be the first to help others. We haven’t been able to calculate any approvals for this card in our internal system. This could be owing to the fact that Finance Globe has listed Carter’s Credit Card for a short period of time, or it could be due to a variety of other issues. We will keep this page updated as we learn more about the approval rates. Furthermore, if your FICO score is at or above 650, your chances of acceptance are likely to be significantly higher.

Approval Time of Carter’s Credit Card:

This offer’s approval time is not specified. A final decision should arrive in a couple of weeks, but it is usually considerably sooner.

Carter’s Credit Card Pros & Cons

If you frequently purchase for children, Carter’s credit card is a fantastic store-branded credit card to try. We’ll go over everything you need to know if you’re thinking about acquiring Carter’s store card. This method will allow you to decide whether something is a good or bad financial investment.


1. Points Per Purchase

While purchasing with Carter’s credit card, members get points for each purchase. Two points are awarded for every single dollar and you will receive 10 USD for 150 points. The point earned can also be exchanged for store credit and later on be used to purchase even more items. You can redeem gift cards for purchases, statements credits, or rebates.

2. Special Offers of Carter’s Credit Card

Carter’s credit cardholders and Rewarding Moments members get access to a variety of exclusive offers. Cardholders will enjoy special benefits at certain periods throughout the year. This could indicate that by using your card, you will receive bonus points or other benefits. You may get emails with special offers and flash bargains. On your child’s birthday, you will receive a wonderful surprise offer.

3. Early Access to Sales

Carter’s is known for having great deals all year long. If you have Carter’s shop card, you can get early access. You’ll be the first to hear about shop events and special offers. You can use this data to help you decide what to purchase. You also have access to the store hours before those who do not have a store card, allowing you to save even more money.

4. Discount on First Purchase

You gain incentives for your first purchase once you get the card. When you use the card to make a purchase, you will receive a 25% discount. You can also apply it to clearance and doorbuster products. Consider how much you could save if you shop on Black Friday.

5. Easy Application Process

This card’s application procedure is really simple. The Carter’s Card can be applied online or in-store. The in-store application process will be assisted by a sales representative. Within few minutes of applying, you will know whether you are eligible for the card or not. You’ll fill in the required information and submit the form. It welcomes clients with credit ratings ranging from fair to exceptional. As a result, the application pool is widened a little.

6. Grace Period

One of the most astounding benefits of Carter’s credit card is its grace period which is long enough for you to pay off. The grace period mounts to 25 days which is sufficient for a user and no interest is deducted from the card during this period. You can also pay your credit card bill with your next check.

7. Free Shipping

The one thing most people look out for while shopping online is the shipping cost and it doesn’t incur while using Carter’s credit card. Cardholders are entitled to free shipping on all orders while shopping with Carter’s. This free shipping option can come in handy around the holidays or when only a few things need to be purchased. They’ll make timely deliveries across the United States.

8. Extra Gift for Signing Up

You’ll get a “Special Hello” promotion when you first sign up for Carter’s card. You’ll be eligible for this offer once you’ve made your first purchase. Once you’ve finished the process, you will be sent the gift, which could be anything from a discount certificate to points that can be used any way you choose. Throughout the year, the present shifts and rotates.

9. Mobile App of Carter’s Credit Card

Carter’s mobile app is really easy to use. It may be downloaded to your phone and used to track your purchases and rewards. Both Android and iOS smartphones are supported by the app. You can also check your orders from your smartphone or pc after creating an account with Carter’s. You can also contact Carter’s credit card phone number.

10. No Annual Fee

Carter’s credit card doesn’t require any yearly free which is a tremendous benefit for users and this fee is waived even if you have used the card once or twice a year. There is no need to worry about earning points to justify the carter’s credit card payment as many store-branded cards don’t charge such fees and they are also quite limited.


1. Store-Branded Card

There appears a logo of the store on Carter’s credit card which indicates that the discounts are good at a retailer that you are getting. This card can be used at Skip Hop, Carter’s, or OshKosch B’gosh only. This card has proved to be a perfect choice for people who frequently purchase children’s clothing.

2. APR

Due to the fact that this is a store-branded credit card, the APR is higher. You’ll have to pay a 27.49 percent annual percentage rate. If you usually carry a balance from month to month, this can quickly pile up. Paying off your balance each month is one approach to prevent this APR. As a result, the sting of the increased rate is lessened.

3. Have to Add the Kids to the Account

You could also receive a birthday surprise for your kids but for doing that you have to register your children in your account. Carter’s will forego the birthday surprise of your kid but don’t register your kids before time, which is pretty bad. There is no other way around, if you want to have birthday gifts, you will have to complete the registration process.

Summary of Carter’s Credit Card

For those who have children or frequently purchase for them, Carter’s credit card is a good option. It features a number of advantages and only a few drawbacks, making it a compelling proposition. It’s also simpler for folks with fair credit to obtain. For many people, this makes it a good option.

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