Citibank Credit Card Application Status

If you applied for a Citibank credit card, you can always check your Citibank credit card application status online and offline.

As you know, CitiBank is a leading and reputed bank worldwide that performs various financial services for its customers around the world. Moreover, Citibank has a fine credit card customer base in India as well.

In order to check the Citibank credit card status Online or Offline, the bank has both the options available for their internet and non-internet customers.

Below you will see all the methods that will help you to understand the procedure of tracking Citibank Credit Card.

Citibank Credit Card Application Status

How To Track Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

In this era of digitalization, Citibank also offers application tracking services online that will allow you to track your Credit Card. The most common ways to track your Citibank Credit Card Status online are provided below.

  • Application Reference Number
  • Application Id and Zip Code
  • 📞 Mobile Number, Zip Code & Date of Birth

Application Reference Number

You can track your Citi bank credit card status by using your application reference number. Follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Citibank official website by clicking here. 👈
  • Hit the credit cards option and then from the drop-down list select “Track Application Status”.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the application status page.
  • Provide your application reference number and hit the submit button.

The result for your Citi bank credit card application status will be on your screen.

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Application Id and Zip Code

Similarly, you can track your Citibank credit card status online by entering your application id and zip code. For this, you have to visit the following official website link. 👇

Mobile Number, Zip Code & Date of Birth

Moreover, you can also use your registered mobile number, date of birth, and zip code to track the application status of your Citibank credit card.

  • Visit this official website link
  • Enter your Primary Mobile number, Zip Code and, Date of Birth in MM YYYY format.
  • Click on the “Check Your Status” button below.

Your Citibank Application Status details will be on the screen.

Below you will see Citibank credit card status possible results.

Citibank Credit Card Application Status Results

There can be multiple results for your Citibank Credit Card Status. The details are given below.

  • In-Progress: This means that your Citibank credit card is still in progress and your bank will take some extra time to approve your application.
  • Dispatched: This means your Citibank Credit Card is on the way and you will be notified by the tracking details on your registered phone number.
  • Approved: This means that Citibank has approved your credit card application and soon you will get your credit card at your given address.
  • Disapproved: The main reason for the credit card application disapproval is when you are failed in fulfilling the eligibility criteria. However, you can ask the customer care executive for the main reason for the disapproval of your application.
  • On Hold: This means that your bank will call you to present more documents or information about yourself.

Let’s check out the process to track Citibank credit card status for non-internet users or for areas with poor internet connectivity.

How To Track Citibank Credit Card Application Status Offline

There are many Citibank customers who are not very well acquainted with the internet or there are some areas as well where internet connectivity is not good.

To facilitate those customers, Citibank also provides traditional offline methods that will allow them to track their Citibank credit card status.

Below you will see the offline method to track the current status of your Citibank credit card.

  • 📞 Citibank Customer Care
  • 🏦Bank Branch

Citibank Customer Care

You can get your Citibank credit card status by dialing Citibank customer care. Keep your identification details and application reference number handy before making a call.

Dial the following number to get the application status details. There are two dedicated helpline numbers for Indian citizens and Non Resident Indians.

  • For Indian Customer: 📞1860 210 2484
  • For NRI’s: ☎+91 22 4955 2484

Citibank Branch

Moreover, you can go to the nearest Citibank branch and ask the bank executive to tell you application status details.

However, keep your identification details and application reference number with yourself, the bank representative will check his system by entering your application reference number.

How long does Citibank credit card approval take?

Once you have submitted your Citibank credit card application to the bank, it might take up to 2 weeks for getting the approval. However, the approval chances depend upon your eligibility.

Is Citibank hard to get approved?

No, Citibank credit card is not much hard to get approved. Those who have a credit score of 700 or above will have more chances of getting approval. So, it is easy to get a Citibank credit card if you have a credit score between 700 to 800. Moreover, the credit score criteria vary for different credit cards.

Does Citibank give instant approval?

No, Citibank does not have an instant approval facility. You have to wait a minimum of 1 week to get the approval for a new Citibank credit card.

Why is my Citibank credit card application rejected?

Your Citibank credit card application might be rejected due to the following reasons.

  • Low credit score.
  • Lack of proper documentation.
  • Loan default in past.
  • High outstanding on the existing credit card.
  • Maybe you are not in their age criteria.

Can I have 2 Citibank credit cards?

Yes, you can have 2 Citibank credit cards. The bank might approve you because of your CIBIL score and other factors. However, it is always advised to keep the number of credit cards to 1 or 2 only. So, apply for any credit card when you need it seriously.

If you are someone who is struggling with credit history, you can choose Milestone Gold Card that doesn’t require any.

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