Destiny™ Mastercard® Credit Card Reviews


The Destiny™ Mastercard® Credit Card is a credit repair and credit builder card designed for people with poor or fair credit. The card’s issuer, Genesis Financial Card Services, is an expert in the subprime credit market, and this shines through in every way with the Destiny™ Mastercard® credit card.

The Destiny™ Mastercard® is an excellent credit card for those people who have bad or fair credit and want the purchasing power of Destiny™ Mastercard® and also don’t want to put up the security deposit required for a secured credit card.

The Destiny™ Mastercard®, with its low annual fee and manageable initial credit limit, is unconcerned about your credit history and instead assists you in focusing on your credit repair journey. Building you a good credit is what Destiny™ Mastercard® promises, so you have a deal here if this is what you want.

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Top  Features

Credit requirements: The Destiny Credit Card does not require a high credit score. Those with poor to fair credit, as well as prior bankruptcies, may be eligible.

Quick prequalification: With theDestiny™ Mastercard®, you can find out if you’re eligible for a new card in less than a minute.

Salient Features of Destiny™ Mastercard® Credit Card

  • $0 Fraud Liability for illegal usage gives you piece of mind.
  • You may rest easy knowing that pre-qualifying will have no impact on your credit score.
  • Choose the design that speaks to you.
  • Access to an unsecured credit card – no need of security deposit
  • Acceptance throughout the country – you can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Pre-qualifying is straightforward and quick, and it will inform you if you are qualified without damaging your credit score.
  • Pre-qualify without impacting your credit score
  • A credit card for your everyday requirements
  • Payments are reported to all three main credit bureaus.
  • Use your card in the app, online, and in-store.

Best Suit For

  • Have a poor credit history, including a bankruptcy?
  • Have less-than-perfect credit?
  • Want a Mastercard® but don’t want to pay a security deposit?
  • Do you want a credit card that allows you to make international purchases?
  • Do you intend to pay your bill in full every month?


  • No rewards program or introductory bonus: The Destiny™ Mastercard® does not include a rewards program or an introductory bonus.
  • Card fees: This card has an annual fee of $59-$99.
  • Cardholders are subject to a 24.90 percent annual percentage rate. This is higher than the average credit card APR in the US News database.

Comparison to Other Secured Cards

Destiny Mastercard vs. Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa

Annual fee: Holders of the Destiny Credit Card must pay an annual fee of $59-$99. The annual fee for the Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa ranges from $0 to $99 USD.

Rewards: There is no rewards program with the Destiny Mastercard. Cardholders of Credit One Bank’s Unsecured Visa earn 1% cashback on eligible purchases.

Sign-up bonus: Both of these cards do not offer a sign-up bonus to new cardholders.

Benefits: The Destiny™ Mastercard® Credit Card provides security features such as Mastercard® identity theft protection and zero liability protection. Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa cardholders can enjoy benefits such as free FICO credit score access and zero dollar fraud liability.

Destiny™ Mastercard® vs. First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard Secured Credit Card

The Destiny™ Mastercard® has an annual fee of $59-$99, while First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard Secured Credit Cardholders must pay a $49 annual fee.

Rewards: There are no rewards programs available with these cards.

Sign-up bonus: You will not be able to earn an introductory bonus with either card.

Benefits: Mastercard® identity theft protection and zero liability protection are available to Destiny™ Credit Cardholders. The benefits of First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard Secured Credit Card include extended warranty coverage, Purchase protection, and a rental car collision damage waiver.

Detailed Benefits

A Competitive Card in a Crowded Marketplace

The Destiny™ Mastercard® not only holds its own in an already crowded market, but it outperforms many challengers with a lower APR and a low annual fee. If you are the person who has a challenging credit history, this Card is your way to go. Just stop here and Go get yourself one.

The Destiny™ Mastercard® has a fixed purchase APR. Because it is not linked to the Prime Rate, applicants do not have to worry about the interest rate rising above its current level, which makes Destiny™ Mastercard® Credit Card reviews go further positive. The Mercury Mastercard, another popular credit repair option, has an APR that begins higher on purchases. Because it is variable, many applicants may receive the top end of the range. This means that, even if your credit is bad, the Destiny™ Mastercard® will always have a lower interest rate than the Mercury Card.

A Modest Annual Fee

The Destiny™ Mastercard® offers an annual fee, like other subprime, unsecured credit cards. In contrast to other offerings, this cost is minimal. Some unsecured bad-credit credit cards – in particular internet shopping cards – carry exorbitant yearly costs of over $100 a year.

By comparison, Destiny™ Mastercard® annual cost is quite competitive and not simply reasonable. The fact that the destination card doesn’t have a claim, no months maintenance, and no initial set-up fees makes this charge much better.

Initial Credit Limit for the Destiny Mastercard

You will receive an instant credit line of $300 after authorizing for the Destiny™ Mastercard®. However, your first credit line is not $300, since the yearly fee must be paid when the card is issued automatically. You’ll be able to access the entire $300 credit line once you pay off this fee.

Designed for Repairing Damaged Credit

The Destiny™ Mastercard® is an instrument to restore your loan. The card, therefore, reports routinely to the main credit offices: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You will see your credit score grow in no time to pay your bills in good time and keep your use of credit (also known as credit usage) modest.

All the Benefits of a Mastercard Credit Card

While the Destiny™ Mastercard® is about repairing your credit, the card remains a full credit card. This means that the card is accepted internationally in 212 countries through the Mastercard payment network adding a positive mark on the Destiny™ Mastercard® reviews.

And you will receive a very minimal foreign transaction charge when using your Destiny™ Mastercard® overseas. Most subprime credit cards contain a 3 percent U.S. dollar international transaction fee in the transaction. Destiny offers a very sensible 1% foreign transaction charge, making it a perfect tool for buying both domestically and internationally.

Destiny™ Mastercard® is a full product of Mastercard® and hence you can benefit from a series of protection and security features of Mastercard. The following features:

  • Cardholders are zero fraud liability: If their card is unauthorized to use or to theft, they are paying nothing.
  • Global Service Mastercard: emergency services almost everywhere in the globe, 24 hours a day. Services include card and replacement lost reports, the release of emergency cash, and much more.
  • ID Theft Protection: Free monitoring of credit reports that warn cardholders of changes or fraud issues.


The Destiny™ Mastercard® is an unsecured credit card for those people with bad to fair credit. It offers great opportunity to people with bad or fair credit. The Destiny™ Mastercard® is an unsecured credit card. In less than 60 seconds it gives prequalification and informs all three main credit agencies about the transaction history.

There’s an annual charge of $59-$99 and an APR of 24.90%. Cardholders can benefit from Mastercard features including protection for identity theft and zero liability. In summary, the Destiny™ Mastercard® isn’t much to hate.

Two other credit repair cards of Genesis Financial Card are good comparisons to the Milestone Gold Mastercard® and the Indigo Platinum Mastercard®. And since these cards are always two of the most popular unsecured bad credit cards, Destiny is amazing.

Your credit repair requires patience, dedication, and the correct instruments. Although Destiny™ Mastercard® cannot force you to spend properly, it gives you the means to raise your credit rating. The Destiny™ Mastercard® will do the rest if you use your card to make little purchases, keep your credit use low and pay your payment monthly.

Credit card creditors have started to help out the users with bad credit limit. If you are the one struggling, go for Destiny™ Mastercard® here without giving a second thought.

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