Everything You Need to Know About EyeMed Insurance

What Exactly Is EyeMed Insurance?

EyeMed Insurance is a large vision benefits firm with 46 million members in the United States. According to the company’s website, EyeMed customers can get their vision care and eyewear benefits from as many as 87,500 eye care centers nationwide.

How to Get the Most of EyeMed Vision Care Insurance?

Eyecare is essential, and high-quality eyewear is not inexpensive. No vision insurance will cover the whole cost of your eye test, glasses, or contact lenses, especially if you want the best available eyewear.

You don’t have to compromise when it comes to eyewear, especially when it comes to picking lenses for your glasses, thanks to EyeMed Vision Care’s advantages.

Anti-reflective coating, photochromic lenses, and the newest progressive lenses are all premium eyeglass lens features. They can provide you with sharper, more comfortable vision than basic plastic lenses.

However, if you don’t have EyeMed vision insurance, the cost of these devices may be prohibitive.

Essentially, your EyeMed plan functions like a gift card. It allows you to save money on the best eyeglass lenses and frames.

You don’t have to settle with second-rate eyeglasses with no-name or unfamiliar “private brand” lenses when you visit EyeMed Vision Care. EyeMed can assist you in purchasing top brands in order to achieve the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.

No vision insurance provides 100 percent coverage. But your EyeMed plan’s valuable benefits and gift card function can help you afford and obtain even the most expensive brands of eyewear.

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EyeMed Insurance’s Benefits

The fact that you don’t have to go through your company to acquire EyeMed Vision Care is one of the next advantages. In the 48 states, you can sign up as an individual at any time. You can buy your own coverage if you leave your employer’s plan and want to remain seeing the same doctors and enjoying the same benefits.

On EyeMed Vision Care’s website, you may find over 44,000 providers. You can save money on extra pairs of glasses and nonprescription sunglasses if you work with an in-network provider. Your in-network benefits can also be used at online retailers such as ContactsDirect, Glasses.com, LensCrafters, Target Optical, and Ray-Ban.

EyeMed members can also take advantage of EyeMed Perks. This service provides policyholders with additional benefits. If you damage your glasses while traveling, for example, EyeMed can assist you in getting a new set while you’re away.

Aside from eyewear, you’ll enjoy perks for keeping your hearing. Such as hearing aid discounts of up to 60% and complimentary hearing aid batteries.

Where Can I Get EyeMed?

EyeMed Vision Care plans are typically included as part of your employer’s total benefits package. Ask your Human Resources department to discover if EyeMed is available at your place of business.

On the EyeMed Vision Care website, you may also purchase an individual or family plan.

Where to Look For EyeMed

According to the company, the EyeMed network includes over 44,000 independent and retail-affiliated eye specialists. Optometrists affiliated with LensCrafters, JCPenney Optical, Sears Optical, Pearle Vision, and Target Optical are among the EyeMed providers.

Where Can I Look For EyeMed Insurance Providers?

Searching for one of EyeMed’s 44,000+ providers on the company’s website is the easiest method to discover one. Optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians are among the providers.

In EyeMed’s provider directory, enter your ZIP Code. You can also let it utilize your location to automatically create a list of nearby eye doctors and care providers. You can search for suppliers depending on the language they speak, the brands they sell, or the services they offer.

How Much Does EyeMed Vision Care Cost?

EyeMed Vision Care has a number of vision plans with varying degrees of coverage. Individual plans start at $5.00 per month and go up to $30 per month for family plans. Though, if you find the prices to be high, you can always opt for complete health insurance, which might save you some bucks.

How Much Money Can EyeMed Help You Save?

EyeMed members can save up to 73 percent on a thorough eye exam and pair of glasses when compared to what they would pay without vision insurance, according to the business. (The amount you save will vary depending on your EyeMed plan and the types of lenses, frames, and special features you select.)

Along with significant discounts on annual exams and spectacles, EyeMed members can save money by visiting an in-network EyeMed physician for the following services:

Any non-covered item, including nonprescription eyewear, will receive a 20% discount.

When purchasing contact lenses, you can save money, with the benefits vary based on the EyeMed vision care plan you choose.

EyeMed also offers discounts on LASIK and PRK vision correction surgery when performed by refractive specialists in the United States Laser Network (owned and maintained by EyeMed).

EyeMed Vision Care Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros of EyeMed Insurance

  • You can get insurance without your employer’s help.
  • There are several levels of coverage available, each with a different monthly cost.
  • A large provider network is available.
  • Benefits of Hearing

Cons of EyeMed Insurance

  • Only 48 states have it.
  • Does not fully conceal glasses and contact lenses.
  • Doesn’t cover everything LASIK

Eligibility and Application Conditions for an EyeMed Vision Plan

EyeMed does not have any precise eligibility requirements, but you will need to establish that your eyes are healthy enough to ensure, as with other insurance. You must also reside in one of the 48 states where EyeMed currently provides coverage.

You don’t have to work for a certain firm to be eligible for EyeMed insurance because it is available both through employers and directly to individuals.

How to Get Started with EyeMed Insurance

You can begin your application by going to EyeMed’s website and entering your ZIP code. You’ll have to submit some basic information, such as your name, age, and the start date of your plan. EyeMed will provide you with an immediate quote as you provide that information.

If you like the quote, you can move through with the insurance application process, which may need you to complete extra steps like presenting medical information.


EyeMed vision insurance can make vision care more affordable for you and your family. The company is known for its simple vision benefits that provide customers access to quality products at a lower cost. With an EyeMed policy, you’ll acquire vision insurance coverage quickly and have access to a large network of eye doctors to ensure healthy vision for years to come.

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What resources can I use to learn more about EyeMed?

Visit www.eyemedvisioncare.com for more information about EyeMed Vision Care benefits and EyeMed providers.

What happens if I don’t have EyeMed coverage?

You may have alternative vision insurance benefits at work that are administered by a separate vision benefits business if you are not an EyeMed Vision Care member.

What does EyeMed insurance cover?

EyeMed Vision Insurance has three different coverage plans to choose from, with monthly fees ranging from $5 to $30.

EyeMed, like most vision insurance plans, provides basic coverage for annual eye exams, paying for the exam after you pay a fee. Basic plan benefits include automatic discounts on frames, lenses (including single vision, bifocals, and trifocals), lens treatments, and contacts.

Costlier plans include a frame and contact lens allowance, as well as coverage for glasses frames after you pay a fee.

Can I see a doctor who isn’t in my network?

You can, but the savings are small as compared to seeing an EyeMed provider who is in-network. If you utilize an out-of-network provider, you must pay at the time of service and then fill in a claim form to EyeMed for reimbursement. If you visit an in-network provider, EyeMed will handle all of your paperwork.

Where to find EyeMed Vision Insurance alternatives?

EyeMed Vision is only one of many firms that provide vision insurance. There are many options available. EyeMed may not be the ideal fit for you. Check out our guide to the top vision insurance policies if you’re looking for vision insurance but aren’t sure if EyeMed is right for you.

Does EyeMed cover LASIK surgery?

EyeMed does not cover all of the costs of LASIK operations, although it does assist in covering some of them. Members can save 15% on conventional LASIK procedures and 5% on promotional procedures.

The coverage will cover the cost of a LASIK exam to see if you’re a good candidate for the operation, as well as most LASIK enhancements throughout the rest of your life.

What distinguishes EyeMed from other vision insurance providers?

EyeMed makes vision insurance reasonable and simple to obtain, and the coverage includes a discount on premium eyewear. OneSight, an organization that also provides vision care to impoverished populations around the world, is a sponsor of EyeMed. EyeMed, based in Ohio, regularly sends employee volunteers to Cincinnati area schools to give annual vision tests.

Is there a time limit on when I can utilize my EyeMed vision insurance?

There is no waiting time, and you can start utilizing your EyeMed vision benefits as soon as the insurance goes into effect.

What is the procedure for filing a claim with EyeMed vision insurance?

There is no paperwork to fill out or send to EyeMed if you see an in-network provider. If you go to an out-of-network provider, you must first pay for the service and then fill out an electronic claim form to be reimbursed. To have your claim processed, fill out the claim form on EyeMed’s website, including the vision service details, and attaching your receipt.

With EyeMed vision insurance, how much money can I save on eye care?

When you use your EyeMed vision insurance benefits to obtain an eye exam, frames, and lenses, you can save up to 71 percent, while discounts vary depending on a variety of factors.

Is there anything that EyeMed vision insurance doesn’t cover?

Safety glasses and nonprescription sunglasses are not covered by EyeMed vision insurance. Please review the terms of your plan for a complete list of exclusions.

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