How To Change Mobile Number In Canara Bank Through ATM

We all have witnessed the digitalization of banks over the past few years. Today we will talk about Canara Bank which never failed to facilitate its customer with its online services. However, in this post, we will give information on how to change mobile number in Canara Bank online and offline.

We would request our visitors to read the full post so that you can learn various ways to change mobile number in Canara bank.

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How to Change Mobile Number in Canara Bank
Change Mobile Number in Canara Bank

Offline Ways To Change or Update Mobile Number In Canara Bank

There are usually 2 simple ways to update or change registered mobile number in Canara Bank. These are:

  • ATM
  • Branch Visit

Let us tell you how to use the above methods to change mobile number through step-by-step guidance.


In order to change your registered phone number in Canara Bank, you must use the steps mentioned below.

  • Locate a Canara Bank atm near your area.
  • Swipe in or insert your Canara Bank debit card and type your pin.
  • Now, from the menu please select the “Registration” option.
  • Then tap the “Mobile Number Registration” option.
  • Use the “Change Mobile Number” option.
  • Use the ATM keypad to type in your new mobile number and choose “Confirm”.
  • Re-enter your new phone number to confirm.
  • Now, the reference number will be displayed on the ATM screen. Do note that for future reference.
  • Please carry the old mobile number to receive the OTP. Moreover, you have to carry a new mobile number as well.
  • You have to send an SMS from your new mobile number along with the reference number in the following format. Write ACTIVATE (space) OTP (space) REFERENCE_NUMBER and send this SMS to 5676767.
  • The process to register your new mobile number with Canara Bank is now completed.

Things to note

  • Do not forget to carry your old and new mobile numbers.
  • Moreover, do not forget to carry your Canara bank debit card as well.
Activation of Canara Bank Debit Card

Branch Visit

Another simple and best offline way to change the registered mobile number in Canara Bank is a branch visit. Follow all the steps which we have published below to update your mobile number.

  • Go to the Canara bank branch and locate the help desk there.
  • Ask the helpdesk executive to provide you a mobile number correction or updation form.
  • Read the form and enter all the necessary and required information.
  • You have to fill in your bank account number, new phone number, and the main reason for mobile number correction.
  • Once done, write the signature in the duly filled form and attach your id proof with the filled form.
  • Again go to the helpdesk executive to submit your form.
  • The officials of the Canara bank will verify your provided details and your mobile number will be updated within 2 to 3 days.

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How To Update Phone Number in Canara Bank Online

The best way to change mobile number in Canara Bank online is by using Internet Banking. You have to use the following steps to change your phone number by using Canara Bank net banking.

  • Please note that you can only use the following steps once you have registered with Canara Bank net banking.
  • Use your Canara Bank net banking user id and password to log in.
  • Under the “Profile” section visit the “Personal details” tab.
  • Tap the cursor on the “Change Mobile Number” option.
  • Now, enter the new mobile number of your choice.
  • The Canara Bank will send an OTP to your new mobile number.
  • Type the OTP in the box and click the “Submit“.
Check Canara Bank Account Balance Online

Important Things To Carry While Changing Your Mobile Number in Canara Bank

The Canara Bank account holders will have to keep the following things handy while changing their mobile number in Canara Bank online and offline.

  • Debit Card and It’s Pin.
  • Registered Internet Banking Account.
  • Registered Old Mobile Number.
  • New Mobile Number to receive OTP.
  • Both the old and new mobile numbers should be functional.

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About The Post

The above post had been written on how to change mobile number in Canara Bank by using online and offline methods. We have published the primary 3 methods that allow a Canara bank account holder to change or update their mobile number.

If you feel that there are other ways to update the Canara Bank mobile number then comment below and we will research it.


How to change my registered phone number online in Canara Bank?

You can change your mobile number in Canara bank online with the help of internet banking. This requires a registered net banking account with Canara Bank. If you registered your Canara bank net banking account already then follow the steps given in this article.

How can I know my mobile number in Canara Bank?

You can know your mobile number in Canara Bank within the net banking dashboard. This dashboard contains your banking details like account details and mobile number.

Do I need old mobile for a mobile number change in Canara Bank?

Yes, if you are updating your mobile number from old to new number then you must have a functional old mobile number to receive the OTP.

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