How to close ICICI Credit Card Online and via Customer Care

Nowadays, credit cards become popular and people used to have 1 or 2 credit cards in their pocket. However, it becomes difficult to manage multiple credit cards. In this post, you will learn how to close ICICI credit card online or via customer care.

Icici Bank has a high reputation and people believe in their products. However, there comes a time when people wish to upgrade or cancel their existing credit card.

At that time, all of them have a similar question in their mind that how to close Icici Bank credit card?

The process to close an Icici Bank credit card is online and through customer care.

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How to close an Icici Bank Credit Card via Customer Care

To close your credit card via customer care, you need to dial the following number.


The above number is Icici Bank credit card toll free number that will help you to cancel your Icici Bank credit card over the phone call.

However, don’t forget to keep your credit card and id proof handy before dialing customer care number.

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How to close the ICICI Bank Credit Card Online

There are two ways to close the ICICI Bank card online. The details of both the process are mentioned below.

Filling a Cancellation Form

Those ICICI bank credit cardholders who wish to close their credit card temporarily or permanently have to download the cancellation form from the official website.

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Here are the useful steps that will help you to close your ICICI card.

  • Download the credit card cancellation form from the following website.
  • On this form mention your credit card details, cancellation reason, location, mobile number, and email id.
  • Do mention your add-on credit card. (If any)
  • Submit this form online and note down the cancellation request.

After submission, the call executive of the ICICI bank will contact you to confirm the cancellation. Once you confirm, the closure of your Icici credit card will be done within 7 working days.

Moreover, Icici credit cardholders can drop a mail to the head office of the Icici Bank. Download and fill the cancellation form and send it to:

ICICI Bank Limited,

Race Course Circle,

Vadodara-390007 or

ICICI Bank Towers,

Bandra-Kurla Complex,


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Via Email

Similarly, if you want to cancel your Icici Bank credit card online, you can send them an email. The following is the email id for Icici Bank’s credit card cancellation.

📧 [email protected]

Do not forget to mention the digits of your credit card, mobile number, and your registered email id.

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Important Tips before closing your Icici Bank Credit Card

Here are some important tips that you must follow while closing your Icici Bank credit card.

Clear Due Amount: All credit cardholders must know that it is important to clear the dues and unbilled amount before closing their credit card. If you won’t do that then the ICICI bank will reject your cancellation request.

Stop Active Emi: If there are EMIs active on your credit card then first you need to close it.

Reward Points Redeem: You must redeem all your reward points before closing your Icici bank credit card. However, try to convert your reward points into cash if possible.

Avoid using your card after closing request: If you have submitted the cancellation form to the bank, then you should never use that credit card again. Else there will be chances that the bank will reject your application.

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