How To Generate ICICI Credit Card Pin Online & Offline

How to generate ICICI Credit Card Pin

The ICICI Bank Credit Card also comes with 4 digit pin similar to debit cards. This 4 digit pin helps you to make payment at merchant terminals or to do transactions at ATMs. However, you must know that your credit card and your credit card pin will separately be dispatched to your address.

Once you have received your ICICI Bank credit card, the bank will dispatch your credit card within 7 days. However, there are some instances when you might face problems in getting your credit card pin. At that time you can simply follow all the following methods which we have listed in this post.

How To Generate ICICI Credit Card Pin Online
How To Generate ICICI Credit Card Pin

Things to keep in mind during ICICI Credit Card Pin Generation

Below are some points which you should keep in mind to generate ICICI credit card pin online or offline.

  • In order to change or generate ICICI credit card pin online, the card must be in an active state.
  • This requires an OTP and the OTP will only be sent to your registered phone number.
  • If your mobile is not registered then you can personally update it in the branch. However, don’t forget to take credit card and identity proof.

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What are the ways of ICICI Credit Card Pin Generation

There are offline and online mediums available to generate the ICICI credit card pin. We have discussed all of them in the upcoming section.

  1. Through ICICI Net Banking
  2. Through ICICI Bank ATM
  3. Via ICICI iMobile App
  4. By Dialing ICICI Bank Helpline

Now, we will explain all the above-mentioned methods in detail.

ICICI Credit Card Pin Generation Through Internet Banking

If you are ICICI Bank’s new customer, then you must create your net banking account first along with your new credit card details.

However, the existing customers of ICICI Bank can add their credit card to their net banking account and from there they can change their ICICI credit card pin.

Once you added your credit card details to your internet banking account, follow the instruction which we have mentioned below.

  • Go to the ICICI Net Banking webpage and log in to your internet banking account.
  • Tap on the “My Accounts” option.
  • Choose the “Select Cards”.
  • Hit the “Generate Credit Card Pin Online” button.
  • Now you will receive an OTP from the ICICI Bank on your registered phone number.
  • Click on the “Continue” button after entering the OTP you have received on your mobile.
  • Now you have to type the 4 digit pin number of your choice.
  • Enter the pin again and click the “Submit” button.

The bank will notify you of the same upon the successful pin setup.

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How To Get Credit Card Pin of ICICI Bank Through ATM

The offline way to get the credit card pin of Icici Bank is to use ICICI Bank ATM.

  • First, locate the nearest ICICI Bank ATM.
  • Insert your ICICI Bank credit card in the machine and opt for your preferred language.
  • Choose the “Create Pin Using OTP” option from the screen.
  • You will receive an OTP in the inbox of your registered phone number.
  • Type the OTP to process the ICICI credit card pin generation.
  • Then, you have to twice enter the 4 digit pin for the ICICI credit card of your choice.
  • Hit the “Submit” button to complete the ICICI credit card pin generation.

Please note that this method works only when your mobile number is registered with the ICICI Bank.

ICICI iMobile App

Moreover, to change the ICICI credit card pin online you can simply use ICICI iMobile Mobile App to set up 4 digit pin for your credit card. However, you have to first register your ICICI credit card with this app and then add its details.

Once you have done adding your credit with the app you can initiate the ICICI credit card pin generation process.

  • Open iMobile app on your smartphone and log in with your user id and password.
  • Tap the “Services and Aadhar” option.
  • Go to “Card Services”.
  • Put the cursor on the โ€œGenerate Credit Card Pinโ€ option.
  • Type all the required information.
  • Click the “Submit” button in the final step.

Once your details will be successfully validated you will receive a confirmation message of your Icici Credit Card Pin setup.

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Dial ICICI Bank Helpline

One more offline way for ICICI credit card pin generation is to dial the ICICI Bank customer care number. By dialing the following number you will be able to set up your 4 digit credit card pin.

1860 120 7777

Post dialing the above number, listen, and follow all the instructions carefully. Keep all the details handy before making a call to set up your 4 digit credit card pin. i.e. credit card number, identity information.

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How can I generate my Icici credit card PIN?

You can generate your ICICI credit card pin online and offline. For offline you can use ICICI bank customer care and ATM. And, for online you can go with ICICI net banking and the iMobile app.

How many digits contain in ICICI Credit Card Pin?

The ICICI Credit Card Pin contains 4 digits.

Can I change my ICICI credit card password again?

Yes, you can change your ICICI credit card password again via net banking and the iMobile App. Moreover, you can also call the ICICI helpline to ask for changing your ICICI credit card password again.

How many days will ICICI Bank take to dispatch my credit card pin?

As soon as you get your ICICI credit card from the bank, you will receive a 4 digit pin for your credit card within 7 days. However, if you still have not received your ICICI credit card pin then you can personally set up your credit card pin online or offline.

Credit card companies have begun to assist users with low credit limits. If you’re having trouble, get the Milestone Gold Card here.

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