What is IBAN Number HDFC Bank India and How to find Iban Number

Have you ever heard the term Iban Number? or What is the IBAN Number of HDFC Bank India?

Don’t worry we will help you to know the useful information related to IBAN Number HDFC Bank.

First, we will tell you what is Iban Number India and then how to find the Iban Number of HDFC Bank.

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What is IBAN Number in India?

Basically, IBAN is a banking term that means “International Bank Account Number”. This number helps to identify the bank account of other countries.

What Iban does is facilitate the overseas money transfer in an easy way. Let’s say if you have to receive your payment from another country at that time you need an Iban Number.

In India, swift code is used instead of IBAN number for foreign transactions.

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What is the full form of IBAN?

“International Bank Account Number” is the full form of IBAN.

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How to find the IBAN Number?

The IBAN Number contains 5 to 24 digits of alphabetic and numeric characters. An example of the Iban number format is given below.

  1. The first two letters are your country code.
  2. Then, the next 2 digits are your cheque number.
  3. After that your bank code.
  4. Then your sort code which is followed by your bank account number.

Check the following image to know the format of IBAN.

How to find Iban Number
How to find Iban Number

However, the above steps are examples to find the Iban Number and they may differ from bank to bank. Moreover, another best way to find the IBAN number is to contact your bank branch.

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Do I Need the IBAN Number of HDFC Bank?

More than 70+ countries support the IBAN format but that’s not the case with India. The Indian banking system does not use the Iban number for foreign transactions. Instead of IBAN Format, the Indian Bank uses the Swift code for international transactions.

So, you do not require an IBAN Number for your HDFC Bank Account to receive payment from overseas.

What should I use instead of the Iban number to receive money in my HDFC account?

In order to receive payment from overseas in your HDFC Bank account, you can use the swift code of HDFC Bank.

However, if you having any difficulty finding the swift code of your HDFC Bank account then contact the HDFC Bank customer care number.

Is IBAN number same as IFSC code?

No, IBAN Number and IFSC code are different from each other. The IFSC code is generally an 11 digit number while the IBAN number is alphanumeric that is made with 34 characters.

How many digits is IBAN?

The IBAN is a total of 34 alphanumeric digits used to identify the foreign bank account.

What does an IBAN number look like?

The IBAN number looks like a mixture of alphabets and numeric characters. When adding together it forms a 34 digit alphanumeric character.

Which countries use IBAN?

There are lots of countries that use the IBAN number to identify the account of overseas banks. You can check some of the countries from the table below.

BeninBosnia and HerzegovinaBrazil
Disclaimer: These are only the list of few countries and there are more countires that uses IBAN Number

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