ICICI Bank Credit Card Cancellation | Cancel ICICI Credit Card

Do you know the process of ICICI Bank Credit Card Cancellation? or How to cancel an ICICI Bank Credit Card?

This post will guide you about the cancellation of the ICICI Bank credit card. Do read this post till the bottom to get the proper guidance.

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ICICI Bank Credit Card Cancellation
How to cancel ICICI Bank Credit Card

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How to cancel ICICI Bank Credit Card via Customer Care

In order to do ICICI Bank credit card cancellation, you can dial the ICICI customer care. To initiate the process to cancel your ICICI Bank credit card, you have to simply follow the given steps.

  1. Dial the following ICICI bank personal banking number. 1860 120 7777
  2. Choose the language option and tell the voice assistant “Credit Card”.
  3. Next, you have to opt contact to customer care.
  4. Enter the 16 digits of your credit card and its pin to verify.
  5. Now, your call got connected with the ICICI credit card department.
  6. Ask the ICICI call executive to cancel or close your credit card.
  7. The executive will ask your date of birth, mother, and father’s name for authentication.
  8. If your credit card account has reward points available then you can ask the executive for redemption.

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ICICI Credit Card Cancellation via Email

Similarly, you can send an email to cancel your ICICI credit card. The following are the official email address of ICICI Bank.

[email protected]

  • In the email subject line, mention “Credit Card Cancellation”.
  • Write the proper message in the body of your email along with your phone and credit card number.
  • Moreover, also mention your last transaction in your email.

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How to cancel ICICI Bank Credit Card with Internet Banking

Additionally, you can also cancel your ICICI Bank credit card with the help of your net banking account. The steps to cancel an Icici credit card via net banking are mentioned below.

  • Visit the Icici Internet login page here.
  • Enter your ICICI internet banking credentials.
  • Choose the “Credit Card Services” option from your internet banking dashboard.
  • Choose the cancel credit card option.

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Things to take care of

The following things need to be taken care of before canceling the ICICI bank credit card.

  • Make sure that your credit card should not have any pending bill payments.
  • Your credit card does not have any ongoing EMI services.
  • You should not take any loan against your credit card.
  • Do not forget to note your request number for future reference.
  • Make sure that your credit card is more than 1 year old. The reason is if you close it before 1 year then it will negatively impact your credit score.
  • Moreover, deactivate all the auto-pay bill payment facilities from your credit card.
  • Make sure your current mobile number, email id, and address is updated on your credit card account.
  • Once again call the Icici customer care and request them to send you the confirmation letter of your ICICI bank credit card cancellation via email.
  • After 6 months visit the CIBIL score website to check the status of your ICICI bank credit card cancellation.

Do you believe you require something else? You could apply for a Destiny MasterCard, which does not require a perfect credit history.

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What are the negative effects of ICICI Bank Credit Card Cancellation?

There are certain disadvantages when it comes to canceling an Icici Credit Card. Check the details of the negative effects below.

  • If you cancel your credit card it means that you have lost your one credit card account. This will lower down your cibil score.
  • This will result in loss of credit limit which is also a major factor of low credit score.
  • The average of a credit card is also a major factor of a good credit score. In case you have canceled your old credit card then it will reduce your credit score.

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What are the best practices to cancel a credit card?

Here is the list of best practices to cancel or closing a credit card.

  • If you have an old unused credit card that has a high annual fee then downgrade it by contacting your bank. The bank will limit its features and turn it into a free for the lifetime credit card.
  • Clear all the unbilled amounts or pending dues before credit card cancellation.
  • Moreover, redeem all the existing reward points before the credit card cancellation request.
  • If possible, try to redeem all your reward points into cash.
  • Never use your credit card again after you have submitted the cancellation request.

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Q.1 What are the ways for ICICI Credit Card Cancellation?

Ans. There are usually 3 ways to cancel the ICICI credit card. These are:
1. Via customer care
2. Email
3. Internet Banking

Q.2 What will the ICICI customer care executive ask for credit card cancellation?

Ans. The executive will ask your credit card and bank account last 4 digits. Moreover, he or she may ask for your identity proof details as well.

Q.3 How many days it will take to cancel my ICICI bank credit card?

Ans. The ICICI Bank will take a minimum of 3 working days to a maximum of 7 working days to cancel your credit card.

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