ICICI Credit Card Customer Care No

In this article, you will go through ICICI Credit Card Customer Care No. related queries. As you all know, ICICI Bank is one of the reputed banks in India providing various services for its customers from home loans to business loans or from debit cards to credit cards.

Today you will know about the ICICI Credit Card Customer Care.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Helpline Number

ICICI bank Credit Card Customer Care Numbers

Below are the numbers to contact a customer care executive:

  • Retail banking customers- 1860 120 7777
  • Wealth banking customers- 1800 103 8181
  • Private banking customers- 1860 120 3399
  • Business, corporate, and retail institutional banking customers- 1860 120 6699
  • The tolled number for retail banking customers- 040 71403333

For earlier pending queries, less than 3 months old, dial:

1800 200 3344 (Working days and hours respectively Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Note: Keep your Service Request Number handy before you call).

Some other numbers that could be useful:

  • NRIs in India: 1800 102 5600
  • The non toll free number from any country to India: +91 40 3099 8025 (You can even opt for a free call back facility, the customer care executive will get back to you in a short time.)
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ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care (City and State Wise)

Customer Care Number of major cities and states. (Tolled)

City & StatesContact Number
Andhra Pradesh📞 7306667777
Chhattisgarh📞 9098667777
Assam📞 9864667777
Bihar📞 8102667777
Patna📞 0612 3366777
Delhi📞 011 33667777
Gurgaon📞 0124 3366777
Haryana📞 9017667777
Ahmedabad📞 079 33667777
Gujarat📞 8000667777
Panaji📞 0832 3366777
Goa📞 9021667777
Raipur 0771 3366777
Bhopal 0755 3366777
Madhya Pradesh 9098667777
Ernakulam 0484 3366777
Bangalore080 33667777
Ranchi0651 3366777
Shimla0177 3366777
Himachal Pradesh9817667777
Hyderabad040 33667777
Chennai044 33667777
Tamil Nadu7305667777
Chandigarh0172 3366777
Bhubaneswar0674 3366777
Mumbai022 33667777
Kolkata033 33667777
West Bengal8101667777
Lucknow0522 3366777
Uttar Pradesh8081667777
Dehradun0135 3366777
Jammu and Kashmir9018667777

ICICI Bank Credit Card Enquiries

  • In case if your credit card has been misplaced or stolen, please reach out to the customer care official at the earliest by calling on the numbers given above in order to avoid its misuse.
  • Precisely, you can use your mobile app or even can block your credit card by logging in to your internet banking account.
  • In Case if your credit card got blocked, you will have to request a replacement card by dialing the customer care center from your mobile number. They will tell you about the delivery of your replacement card.
  • You can even request a re-dispatch of your card if your card couldn’t be delivered and returned to ICICI. You have to make a call to customer care on any of the numbers mentioned above or simply logging into your internet banking account.
  • The timings of customer care are 7:00 a.m.to 9:00 p.m.

ICICI Email Address
Write your queries and concern and send an email to [email protected]

ICICI Bank Credit Card International Helpline Numbers 24X7

For those of you whose bank is with ICICI while overseas, below are the international helpline numbers you can call.

CountryHelpline Number
USA☎ 1866 42424 48
Canada☎ 1866 42424 48
UK☎ 0 8081 314 151
Australia☎ 011 800 0424 2448
Singapore☎ 800 101 2553
UAE☎ 8000 9114 001
NRIs residing in Hong Kong☎ +91 40 3099 8025 (Non Toll Free)
Sri Lanka ☎ +94 11 4242448 (Non Toll Free)
Non Toll Free Number Displayed above.

Other Ways for NRIs to Get in Touch

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Service request page: Hover over to the Service Request page on the ICICI website and choose the best option for your query and concern.
  • Webchat: Additionally, you can chat with a representative by simply Logging into your internet banking account.

ICICI Nodal Office Contact Details

You can forward your complaint to the Principal Nodal Officer, Mr. Vinayak M More if your problem is still not resolved by the above channels present in this article.

Here are the contact details of the principal nodal officer:

The Principal Nodal Officer

ICICI Bank Ltd.

Bandra Kurla Complex

Mumbai 400051

Email: [email protected]

Write to ICICI Bank

Note down your queries and address it to:

✉ ICICI Bank Limited,
ICICI Phone Banking Centre,

ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor,

Survey no: 115/27, Plot no.12,

Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,

Hyderabad 500032

ICICI Bank Registered office

ICICI Bank Tower,

Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Road,

Vadodara 390007,

Gujarat, India

Corporate office
ICICI Bank Towers,

Bandra Kurla Complex,

Mumbai 400 051

Two More Way To Get In touch with ICICI Bank


If you are still displeased with services provided to you at your branch or have a query that is pending and yet to be addressed, Type ‘UNHAPPY’ and SMS it to 5676766.

A bank representative will cope up with you within two business days.

Creditors are competing to be on top and it’s really good for the users as they can even get a credit card without any credit history from First Progress Platinum.

Contact the business head

You can also reach out to Mr. S. Roy, the business head for credit cards and personal loans to ascertain that your concerns have been addressed substantially. His contact details are:

Phone number: 022 39337932 (you can call him and tell him your complaint between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, except on bank holidays).

Email: [email protected] (you must figuratively receive a response within 4 business days from the date of the business head receiving your email).

At last, you can even reach out to the banking ombudsman appointed by the Reserve Bank of India, if you are still unhappy with the solution provided by the Principal Nodal Officer.

Key Topics

  • Icici Credit Card Customer Care no. along with city & states.
  • International Helpline number of ICICI Credit Card.
  • ICICI Bank Nodal Officer Details.
  • Contact details of the business head for credit card related queries


Dial 1860 120 7777 to contact ICICI credit card customer care.

You can write all your ICICI Banking related queries and concern to [email protected]

Disclaimer: All the information published here are for informational and educational purposes only. Moreover, all these information are researched from official sources. However, we will not warranty the information to be accurate and completed. Do not share your bank details or personal details in the comment box. For more queries visit the official website.

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