Is T-Mobile Insurance Worth It?


If you prefer high-end equipment and are willing to shell out the cash for one, you might want to think about getting it insured in case something goes wrong. Those who are more prone to mishaps should research the finest cell phone insurance plan for them. Many individuals choose T-mobile because it is one of the most sought-after US telecom providers for premium phone bills and bundles. In case you’re one of these people but you haven’t bothered to look into the different types of cell phone insurance plans that are available, this t-mobile insurance review is for you.

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How Cell Phone Insurance Works

If you break or damage your phone, your insurance company will pay to repair or replace it. It is possible to receive coverage in one of two ways: by paying a monthly charge to your cellular provider or by signing up for a third-party subscription service.

For instance, T-Mobile and Verizon use Assurant, while AT&T uses Asurion for their smartphone insurance service.

They provide next day replacement in case of:

  • Theft
  • Physical damage
  • Loss
  • Liquid damage
  • Device malfunction after the warranty has expired

These plans tend to run anywhere from $100 to $200 annually. Should you file a claim, you then have to meet a deductible of anything from $50 to $300 before coverage kicks in.

But after paying all that, you typically get a refurbished replacement phone – not necessarily a new one!

The other method to get insurance on your smartphone is to purchase coverage apart from your telecom operator. AppleCare+ (for iPhones) and SquareTrade, which offers insurance for both Android and iPhone devices and is owned by Allstate, lead in this market.

What is Assurant Phone Insurance?

Customers can safeguard their mobile phones with the help of Assurant Phone Insurance. For the first year, a gadget is covered under the warranty of the manufacturer only if there are hardware failures or manufacturer defects. Your warranty will not cover you if something goes wrong outside of these parameters.

Assurant offers a range of insurance plans to cover a wide range of eventualities. Theft, loss, water damage, cracks, and hardware concerns all fall under this category. Because cellphones are becoming increasingly expensive, financial protection in the event of a loss or theft is critical.

You cannot purchase Assurant separately. Only the mobile carriers with whom the company has partnered can access the insurance products. To find out if a service is available, call your provider. They may also tell you about plans and prices.

Assurant Plans

A large number of insurance providers partner with Assurant, each with its own set of Assurant products and services. If you’re an iPhone user, Xfinity offers a separate package from one for Android users. Instead, T-Mobile offers basic and 360-degree plans that provide coverage for both iPhone and Android.

An entry-level plan will take care of hardware problems after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. It also covers damage, loss, and theft that isn’t your fault. Certain repairs may be subject to a deductible or service cost, depending on the provider. AppleCare services (for Apple devices) and tech assistance services like Tech Ph.D. or Pocket Geek are examples of comprehensive protection.

Consult your mobile carrier or the Assurant brochure to learn more about the Assurant plans that are available to you.

Benefits of T-Mobile Insurance

Coverage & Deductible

To begin, below are the prices for each of the packages:

For about $8 a month, you can get Premium Handset Protection. However, this is only available for prepaid consumers. Postpaid customers will have the option of choosing between the $6 to $14 Basic Device Protection plan or the $7 to $15 Protection 360 package, based on their monthly income. To save money on items like an iPhone screen repair, go with the second option, which includes a 24-month Apple Care Plan just for iPhone owners.

No deductibles or claim limitations apply to faulty devices under T-mobile insurance, but you must pay a $5 processing charge for a new device under these plans. Customers of the Premium Handset Protection plan have accidental damage deductibles ranging from $20 to $175, depending on their phone. However, subscribers to the Akko phone insurance plan only have a $100 adult and a $50 student deductible. Accidental damage has a $10 to $249 deductible under the Basic Device Protection plan and the Protection 360 plan.

Backup Services

With only three tiers to choose from, the T-mobile cell phone insurance plan is somewhat limited in comparison to other providers’ offerings. The Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan is even more limited since you can only choose between two alternatives. For T-Mobile, there are three different levels of device protection: Premium Hands-On, Basic, and 360-Degree. You may have noticed that only the Protection 360 Plan includes backup services, so if you want to get the most out of your cell phone insurance policy, this is the bundle for you.

Customer Service

According to T-Mobile, their Premium Handset Protection plan includes coverage for all of the above plus the charger, battery, and sim card. This is in contrast to SquareTrade’s insurance plan, which only covers the phone itself. This plan covers loss and theft, hardware issues as well as water damage. If you choose the Protection 360 plan, however, you’ll receive all of these benefits as well as JUMP! Upgrades, McAfee Security for T-mobile with ID Theft protection, AppleCare (for iPhone owners), Unlimited Screen Protector replacements, and Tech Ph.D. by Assurant. There are no provisions for problems caused by unauthorized repairs, power fluctuations, or malicious damage. As a result, you must take all reasonable measures to avoid them.

Security Features

The McAfee Security for T-mobile with ID Theft prevention and Tech Ph.D. by Assurant are the two most important security elements included in the T-mobile insurance plan. In order to keep your browsing and online presence safe, use the McAfee Security add-on. It also guards against malware and identity theft. If you have a problem with your network, you can use Tech Ph.D.’s online help desk to obtain immediate assistance.


Because of this, the monthly premium charges for the Basic Device Protection and Protection 360 plans will differ depending on how much your phone actually costs. This is something you should consider before making a decision on the best strategy for you.

T-Mobile Insurance Phone Replacement Wrap Up

In order to file a claim, you’ll need to have your cell phone’s number and serial number on hand. T-mobile’s website allows you to register a claim for accidental damage, loss, or theft, but this only applies if you’ve already filed a claim elsewhere. As long as you follow the appropriate protocol, getting your claim processed should be a relatively simple activity. Most approved claims are generally of this sort.

Pros of T-Mobile Insurance

  • Simple and quick submission of insurance claims (online or by phone)
  • You get warranty with replacement devices
  • iPhone customers can take advantage of Apple’s Care service.

Cons of T-Mobile Insurance

  • Limited options


Application: How to Apply?

To be covered, you must enroll within 30 days of purchasing an eligible T-Mobile device. Enrollment must occur before the end of the trial period. A T-Mobile Mobile Expert or BYOD customer must inspect your new T-Mobile device in a T-Mobile store before enrolling to ensure that it passes a Visual Mechanical Inspection (VMI). Only postpaid customers have access to these device security features.

Cancellation of service can be made by calling the hotline or visiting t-mobile’s website at any time of day or night, and you will receive a refund or credit for the appropriate premium within the time period stipulated by law if you do so.

You can enroll in device protection in the below ways:

  • Visit a T-Mobile store
  • Go to the T-Mobile website

Is T-Mobile Insurance Worth Buying?

It’s something that can happen in a heartbeat. You’re out on a walk when you decide to call someone. Your arm is jarred by a passing pedestrian, and your smartphone is knocked loose. You can only watch helplessly as it slams into the hard concrete in slow motion. You prepare for impact and hope for the best. Your touch screen creates a spiderweb of cracks this time, however.

You’re racking your brain to see if you purchased health insurance or an extended health care plan.

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Cracked screen repairs on Samsung S8+, according to AGiRepair, which sells wireless device repair parts to companies, average $277 for those without insurance. Over $90 in repair costs can be incurred if your power button fails. For the top-of-the-line Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X, you’ll pay between $840 and $1,149 if your phone isn’t repairable or if it’s lost or stolen.

Insuring your smartphone for repair or replacement may seem like a good idea with those figures, particularly if you. You can even opt for online loan service just to keep your mobile secure.

When monthly premiums range from $7 to $36. However, as appealing as it may sound, it is not so cut and dried. A deductible, which can range from $29 to $225, will be required for each claim you make. In most cases, you are only allowed to make two or three claims per year with your insurer. Moreover, in the event that you require a replacement phone, your insurer may send you one that has been refurbished rather than a new model.

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