Kemper Life Insurance Review

Kemper Life is a subsidiary of Kemper Corp., which is headquartered in St. Louis. Kemper Life businesses, such as United Insurance Company of America, The Reliable Life Insurance Company, Union National Life Insurance Company, and Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company, sell and administer term and whole life insurance contracts. Reserve National Insurance Company, a division of Kemper Life & Health, offers guaranteed-issue whole life insurance.

The amount of complaints lodged against Kemper Life businesses by state authorities is significantly higher than those of other life insurance firms of comparable size. Along with restricted product options and the difficulty of readily managing plans online. This implies that you may want to look elsewhere before settling on a Kemper life insurance policy.

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Almost all of Kemper’s policies are provided by Kemper Home Service. This sends agents to clients’ homes to talk about their insurance needs with them, sell policies, and collect premium payments. Kemper’s premiums are higher than the industry average due to the increased cost of the in-home service approach. Kemper’s average insurance will cost $5,800 when fully paid in 2020, with a premium of $24.1 per month.

When filling out an insurance application, Kemper, like other firms, asks if you’re a “man” or “female.” The fact that you identify as nonbinary will not disqualify you from obtaining life insurance. However, you should be aware that the majority of insurers have not yet revised their underwriting processes to reflect an awareness of gender concerns, and their application procedures may be antiquated and restricted.


Kemper offers many insurance products. However, it receives many complaints from customers and charges more premiums than the industry average. This is our top whole life insurer because of its competitive cost and excellent customer service.

Northwestern Mutual offers a wider range of plans than Kemper, including both term and whole life insurance. It offers 12 different types of insurance, such as term, entire, universal, and variable universal. You can also personalise your coverage by adding riders like premium waivers and expedited care benefits to your policy.

Northwestern Mutual outperforms Kemper in terms of customer service. To put it another way: The 2020 complaint ratio for the company was a lot lower than the national average (which was 0.11).

To top it all off, Northwestern Mutual beat out 20 other firms in the 2020 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study conducted by J.D. Power & Associates.


Customers don’t have to go through the medical examination process: Kemper Life offers whole life insurance plans with the assured issue. An insurance policy does not require a medical exam, regardless of your health history.

Local support is readily available: In some cases, agents from Kemper Life will visit you at home to discuss your insurance needs and options.


Many policyholder complaints: Kemper and its subsidiaries have received many more complaints than they expected for their size. That’s a deal-breaker for those who value timely customer service above all else.

There are no recent quotes on this topic in the public domain. Kemper doesn’t allow you to acquire quotes online as other insurance companies do. You’ll have to speak with a representative to get specifics on the company’s policy and pricing.

Overcharged: The premiums are more than usual. The operational costs of Kemper’s policies are higher because the majority of them are offered in-home. As a result, their insurance rates are also higher than the national average. 1

Term and permanent insurance plans are offered through Kemper’s group of life insurance firms, as well as the affiliates and subsidiaries of those organisations. It is not possible to purchase insurance online, and product availability varies from state to state.

Kemper Life Insurance Options

Whole life insurance coverage with a low premium. The policyholder no longer has to pay premiums after a certain period of time if they want to keep the policy current.

Reserve National Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Kemper Life & Health, offers guaranteed issue life insurance plans. There is no need for a medical exam for guaranteed issue insurance, and they come with flat premiums and a cash value.

Complaints From Kemper Life Customers

According to a NerdWallet review of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Kemper life insurance businesses have generated much more complaints to state regulators over the last three years than expected for companies of similar size.

More About Kemper Life Insurance

Life insurance policyholders cannot manage their accounts or make payments through Kemper’s website, which has limited information about the company’s policies. If you’d like to make changes to your policy, there are forms on the website that you may fax, mail, or email. Alternatively, you can have a Kemper representative come to your home and receive your premium payment in person.

You can make claims for life insurance by calling the policyholder’s agent, sending a letter, or sending an email to the insurer. About every three weeks, claimants will receive a letter in the mail with new information.

Kemper Life sells term and whole life insurance in the following 19 states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia (guaranteed issue policies may be more widely available in those states).

Life Insurance Buying Guide

Term or whole life insurance? Decide which sort of life insurance you want before you start shopping around. Decide if you want any life insurance riders included in the policy. Be sure to take into account the cost of the insurance and how long you want the coverage to continue before making a decision. Verify that the insurance companies you are considering provide the coverage you require.

In order to compare rates, make certain that they are for the same quantity of coverage and duration. It’s also critical to confirm that the policy’s medical standards correspond to your own requirements. Check to see that the application process for each policy you compare matches with your preferences, such as skipping the life insurance medical test but being willing to answer health-related questions.

It’s possible that price isn’t the most important factor in your purchase decision. The more complaints a business receives, the worse its customer service is likely to be.

Bottom Line

The bottom result is that Kemper is unlikely to be the greatest option for most people looking for life insurance because of the lack of online resources and the high number of complaints.

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