How To Do Paytm KYC Online Verification At Home 2021

Paytm KYC online verification at home | Paytm KYC At home 2021

In this 21st century, all things are going digital like banks, grocery stores, medicines, and more. Most of us widely use Paytm wallet for utility bill payments and balance transfer directly to the bank account.

However, to ensure the safety of the hard-earned money of the users Paytm ask for KYC registration to unlock its amazing features. In this post, you will learn how to do Paytm KYC online verification at home by using Aadhar Card and Pan Card.

Gone are the days when we used to go nearby Paytm Kyc Centre or type Paytm KYC Center Near Me in google for the verification and registration of wallet.

For the ease of the customers Paytm improves their service through which you can do Paytm KYC online verification at home.

First, you need to do mini Paytm KYC after that you can do full Paytm KYC at home. Below, we have provided the full details of online Paytm KYC verification at home.

But first, you need to see the documents required for Paytm Kyc online which are given below.

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Paytm  KYC Online Verification At Home
Paytm KYC At Home

What Are The Documents Required For Paytm KYC

Whether you are doing Paytm KYC online at home 2021 or by visiting the nearest Paytm KYC Centre you need to provide the important documents for Paytm KYC verification. The list of the documents has been provided below.

For Mini KYCFor Full KYC
Voter IdAadhar Card
Driving LicensePan Card

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Where to download Paytm KYC App

Basically, there is no dedicated KYC App for Paytm. The feature of KYC is itself in the Paytm App. To download the Paytm App for KYC on a smartphone one needs to follow the given steps.

  • Search for Paytm App on your mobile application store. i.e. ios or play store.
  • Install the mobile application and enter your login details.
  • Once you have entered the details and login to the app, you can do Paytm KYC Online by following the upcoming steps that are mentioned below.

How To Do Mini Paytm Kyc At Home in 2021

When you make a new PAYTM account first you have to do Mini Kyc and you got a wallet limit of 10,000 rupees. Mini Kyc is the first step towards complete Paytm Kyc and it can be done with the help of the following documents.

  • Voter id
  • Pan card
  • Driving license

How to do the full PAYTM KYC online verification at home to unlock all the additional features of Paytm. For that, you need to follow the process which we have provided below.

Creditors have become lenient to people with bad credit histories. You can now get a great Milestone Gold Card without having a perfect credit history.

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How can I complete Full KYC in Paytm?

Paytm had made it simpler for their customer to do KYC registration at home. Paytm KYC update can be done by following the two methods below. We will provide the complete procedure of both methods so that you can do your Paytm KYC verification in an easy way.

  • Paytm Kyc Registration Using Online Video Verification
  • Paytm KYC Verification At Your Doorstep

Let’s understand both the Paytm KYC Verification At Home process in detail.

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Paytm KYC Via Online Video Verification

Paytm KYC Online Video Verification
Paytm KYC Online Video Verification (Dummy)

After completion of your Paytm Mini KYC, you have to follow these steps to complete the Paytm Kyc at Home using the online video verification.

  • Open the Paytm app and click on the profile icon on the top left corner.
  • Click on the yellow error icon in the profile.
  • Scroll below and click on the “update account and unlock feature button“.
  • Tap the “upgrade your account now” button.
  • Now tap on the “Video KYC” option.
  • Enter your Aadhar Card Number and your name as per your Aadhar card and click on the “Proceed” button.
  • Enter the OTP that you receive on your Aadhar linked mobile number.
  • Then Enter additional personal and professional information and click on the “Proceed” button below.
  • Enter Your Pan Card details and click on the “Proceed to video call” button.
  • You will be assigned a Paytm agent and he will guide you to complete the Paytm Kyc Process.

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Things To Take Care of During Video Paytm Kyc Online

Following is the checklist of important things that will be handy during the Online Video Paytm Kyc Online Verification at home.

  • ✔You need to keep your Pan Card and Aadhar Card handy for online Paytm KYC verification.
  • ✔You need to enter the additional details asked by Paytm for KYC completion.
  • ✔A good internet connection and a silent place for uninterrupted video calling.
  • ✔Your Aadhar and Pan Card should not be registered with any other Paytm account in the past.

Paytm Kyc Registration Online At Doorstep

Now you will see how you can complete Paytm Kyc Online At Home by booking an online appointment. Paytm will send an agent to your doorstep for completing the Paytm Kyc update.

However, Paytm Kyc Online Verification is done by Aadhar Card but the detailed process has been mentioned below. So, after completing the mini KYC of your Paytm account follow the steps given below.

  • Open the app and hit the profile icon on the top left corner of your mobile screen.
  • Click on the yellow icon and then tap the “update account and unlock feature button”.
  • Hit the “upgrade your account now” button.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on”Aadhar verification at your doorstep”
  • Enter your full address and click on the “Proceed” icon.
  • Select the Date and Timing for booking an appointment.
  • After that, if you possess Pan Card then fill in your Pan Number. However, if you do not have Pan you can provide annual agricultural and household income details.
  • Click on the “Full Kyc” radio button and tick all the checkboxes below.
  • Hit the “Proceed To Book Appointment” button below.
  • You will be notified by Paytm via Sms.

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How To Find The Nearby Paytm KYC Center

The process to find the nearest Paytm Kyc Centre is easy and you can find it by using the online Paytm Kyc Update process and by google as well. We will provide you with details of both methods below.

Find Nearest Paytm KYC Centre Using KYC Update Process

  • Follow the first three same process that was used in Paytm KYC Online At Home.
  • Then click on the “Aadhar Verification At Nearby Paytm KYC Point”.
  • Here you will see the list of Paytm KYC Agents and their address in your nearby area.

Find Nearby Paytm KYC Verification Centre Using Google

  • Visit on your mobile or laptop screen.
  • Enter Paytm KYC Center Near Me in the search bar.
  • Depending on your location google displays the nearby Paytm Kyc Center.
  • Let’s say if you live in Gurgaon or Chennai it will display the list of Paytm Kyc Centre in Gurgaon and Chennai respectively.

Is Paytm KYC Free?

Yes, the Paytm KYC is free. You do not have to spend money on doing the Paytm KYC online.

Is PAN card necessary for Paytm KYC?

Yes, the Pan Card is necessary for Paytm KYC. It will help you to unlock all the other features of Paytm when you do Paytm KYC by using your Pan Card.

Can I use Paytm without bank account?

Yes, you can use Paytm without a bank account or Paytm Paytm Payments bank. You only need a bank account for Paytm when you have to transfer the wallet amount to the bank account.

Moreover, to add money on your own also needs a bank account or debit card. If you don’t want to use your bank account then ask your friend or anyone to send money to your Paytm wallet.

About The Post

This post has provided the answers about How To Do Paytm KYC Online Verification At Home. Moreover, we have highlighted the basic information about Paytm Online Kyc that consists of Mini KYC and Full KYC so that you will get the right information.

Additionally, most of the areas have poor internet connectivity and it is not possible for them to do video KYC verification which is why we have also provided the procedure to find the nearest Paytm KYC centre.

Final Words

As per our opinion, you must need to complete your Paytm Kyc Online or offline in order to keep your account safe as well as to enjoy the additional features. There are some instances when we need a huge amount of money urgently but if you have not done your KYC you can only make a transaction of 10,000 rupees only.

Moreover, it becomes convenient to do Paytm Kyc Verification Online At home by the video verification and doorstep verification process. Now, we do not need to spend our valuable time searching for a nearby Paytm Kyc Center to do our Paytm Kyc registration.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I complete Paytm KYC online?

Yes, you can easily do your KYC for Paytm online. For this, you need to enter your KYC details through Paytm App. Moreover, you can also visit the nearest Paytm Kyc center as well.

How can I link my KYC to Paytm at home?

There are two types of KYC that are done in Paytm app registration. One is Mini KYC and the other is Full KYC. Their details are published below.

Mini KYC

  • Mini KYC allows Paytm users to enjoy the wallet limit of upto 10,000 rupees.
  • This is done when you register yourself for the first time on Paytm.
  • The documents required to do so are a driving license, pan card, and voter id.

Full KYC

  • Full KYC extends the wallet limit.
  • You have to go through video verification or book an appointment to do Paytm KYC verification at your doorstep.
  • Both the process requires the user’s Aadhar card and pan card for completing the Paytm verification.

Can I do Paytm KYC at home?

Paytm KYC Update can be done online via video verification, doorstep verification, or by visiting your nearest Paytm KYC Centre.

How Can I Do Paytm KYC Online Verification At Home without Pan Card?

It is mandatory to have a Pan Card in making payments online, opening bank accounts, or for Paytm KYC however if you opt for doorstep verification for your Paytm Account KYC you can do it by using your Aadhar Card only.

However, the Paytm agent will guide you in a proper way so that your Paytm KYC can be updated without any rejection.

Can I do Paytm KYC with Aadhar card?

Yes, you can initiate the process of Paytm KYC with your Aadhar Card. However, to complete the Paytm KYC Verification, you need your Pan Card as well.

Can full KYC be completed from home?

Yes, Full Paytm KYC Online verification can be completed from home through video verification process. Moreover, you can appoint the Paytm executive for full Paytm Kyc at home.

Disclaimer: All the information published here are for informational and educational purposes only. Moreover, all these information are researched from official sources. However, we will not warranty the information to be accurate and completed. Do not share your bank details or personal details in the comment box. For more queries visit the official website.

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