SBI Collect Online Payment and E Receipt Reprint Download

On this website, you will learn about the details of SBI Collect Online Payment. Moreover, you will also learn that how you can download the SBI I Collect Receipt online.

SBI Collect is an online portal for corporate and individual users. Our website will provide you every detail of the State Bank Collect Portal.

Read this full article to learn about the use of SBI Collect Online Payment and how to do SBI Collect E Receipt Reprint.

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What is SBI Collect Online Portal

The SBI Collect Portal is originally named as State Bank Collect. This portal allows the users to make payments to various institutions online. These include payment of school and college semester fees, etc.

SBI Collect Portal
SBI Collect Portal

The payment on this portal is done via SBI Mops. The full form of SBI MOPS is the Multiple Option Payment System.

Now, we will provide you the type of corporates and institutions to which you can transfer the payment using the SBI Collect Portal.

List of Types of Corporates and Institution

State Bank Collect
State Bank Collect

Here is the list of corporates and institutions. When you select the state of corporation and institution then you will get the following list.

1. Charitable Institutions2. Commercial Services
3. Educational Institutions4. Govt Department
5. Hospital6. Industry
7. Merchant8. Others
9. PSU10. Recruitment
11. Religious Institutions12. State Beverages

How to do SBI Collect Online Payment

As we have explained the basic information about the State Bank Collect portal, now it’s time to learn the procedure of SBI Collect Online Payment.

To do the online payment via SBI E Collect, follow the steps provided below.

  • Search for “Online SBI” on google search.
  • Click the first link and then click on the “SB Collect” option.
SB Collect
SB Collect
  • Now, it will redirect you to the State Bank Collect Portal or SBI Collect Portal.
  • Accept the terms & conditions checkbox and click the “Proceed” button.
  • On the next page select the state of the corporate or institution.
  • Then from the “Type of Corporate & Institution” dropdown select any of the departments. i.e. Educational institutions, etc.
SBI Collect Online
SBI Collect Online
  • Then choose the name of the institution and click the “Proceed” icon.
  • Fill in all the required fields and do not forget to fill the last fields. As it will help you to download E-receipt later.

How fill SBI Collect?

In the following section, we will provide the information for how to fill SBI collect details online.

  • For doing this you have to visit the official web portal of State Bank Collect.
  • Accept the T&C and tap the “Proceed” button.
  • Now, you have to choose your “State” & “Institution” from the dropdown menu & click the “Go” icon.
  • Let’s if you choose “Educational Institutions” as the institution, then select the name of your institution from the dropdown list.
  • Hit the “Go” button and select the “Payment Category” on the next page.
  • Now, a form will appear in which you have to fill in your personal details, course details, and fees information.
  • After that, you have to fill the form below to reprint your SBI E receipt later.
  • In the final step, click on “Submit”.

How can I pay online SBI collect?

You can pay online SBI collect payments via SBI Mops. It contains multiple modes of payment. A user can make payment for any of the institutions via internet banking, cards, UPI, NEFT, etc. The mode of payment only appears when you fill out the form by using the process displayed above.

How to find SBI Collect Payment History

To find the SBI Collect Payment History the State Bank Collect Portal provides two ways to do that. We have mentioned the process and steps in detail.

Check SB Collect Payment history via Date Range

In the first section, we have provided the ways to check SBI I collect history.

  • Visit this official SB Collect Link & click the proceed button after checking the terms & conditions checkbox.
  • A new page will appear in which you will see the “State Bank Collect” dropdown.
SBI Collect Payment
SBI Collect Payment
  • Choose the “Payment History” option.
  • Click the “Select A Date Range” radio button as shown in this image.
SBI Collect E Receipt Download
  • Then, enter your 10 digits mobile number, and date of birth in their respective field.
  • Select the start and end date range.
  • Type the text in the box and tap the “Go” button.
  • Now, all your payment history between your selected date range will be displayed on the screen.

Check Via SBI Collect Reference Number

Similarly, the SBI Collect Reference Number also allows to check SBI Collect History. Follow these useful steps.

  • Search Online SBI Collect on any of your device search browsers.
  • Click the first link of the official website and agree to the terms & conditions.
  • Hover over to the “State Bank Collect” on the top left corner.
  • Hit the “Payment History” link and check the radio button of “Enter the INB Reference Number”.
  • Type the “DU Reference Number” and then type either your “Mobile Number” or “DOB”.
SBI Collect Receipt Download
  • After that, enter the security number from the image and hit the “Go” icon.
  • Now, your SBI Collect History will be shown on the screen.

How to do Online SBI Collect E Receipt Reprint Download

Similarly, the steps that were mentioned above are very useful to download SBI Collect Receipt. However, we have also mentioned the important steps below to download the SBI collect e receipt reprint.

  • Once again search Online SBI Collect on google and click on the State Bank Collect link.
  • Click on the “Proceed” link below after clicking the terms & conditions checkbox.
  • Put the cursor on the “State Bank Collect” dropdown on the top left corner and then click the “Payment History” option once again.
  • Check payment history either by “Date Range” or “INB Reference Number”.
  • After you enter all the required information your payment history will be displayed on the screen.
  • Under the “Payment History” column you have to click on the “Print” link.
SBI Collect E Receipt Reprint
  • After that, your SBI Collect E Receipt will pop up on the screen. Scroll below and click on the print icon.
  • If you wanted to take your SBI E Receipt Reprint then choose your “Printer” to take the printout of your SBI Collect E Receipt.
  • However, in order to SBI Collect Receipt Download, you have to choose the “Save as PDF” option.

How can I get e receipt of SBI collect with reference number?

In order to get E receipt of SBI collect with reference number, you have to simply follow the easy process which we have mentioned below.

  1. Search for “SBI Collect” on google and open the official link of Online SBI Collect.
  2. Tick the T&C checkbox and click on the “Proceed”.
  3. Put the cursor on the “State Bank Collect” dropdown.
  4. Choose the “Reprint Remittance Form”.
  5. Click on the second checkbox to get SBI E Receipt with the reference number.
  6. Enter your DU reference number and mobile/ Dob in the required field.
  7. Type in the “Captcha Code” from the image and hit the “Go” icon.
  8. From here on you can get an E Receipt of SBI collect online with a reference number which you can download as well.

What is SBI MOPS

As we have already discussed the SBI Collect Online Payment and State Bank Collect Receipt download method. Now, you should know what is SBI MOPS.

Basically, SBI MOPS is a digital payment mode that consists of multiple modes of payment. These payment modes include net banking, cards, and other payment modes like NEFT, UPI, etc.

These modes of payment will help you to pay your educational institution fees, hospital charges, etc.

What is the full form of SBI MOPS

The SBI MOPS stands for Multiple Option Payment System.

SBI Collect Online Payment Useful Videos

Moreover, we have provided some useful videos below for informational purposes.

SBI Collect Online Fee Payment

SBI Collect Receipt Download

Check this video to learn about SBI Collect Receipt Print.

SBI Collect E Receipt

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