Self Credit Card Complete Review With Pros and Cons!

With the Self Visa Credit Card, you can make purchases with confidence. It’s a credit card that lets people establish a credit history without actually extending credit to them. In the event that you qualify for a Self Visa and are approved, you will be given a loan, which will be held in an interest certificate on your deposit. There is an annual percentage rate (APR) attached to every personal loan. Once you’ve paid off three loans on time, the CD will be unlocked, and you’ll be able to use the cash on the CD to establish a secure card. With this card, you get interest on your payments, but there are also fees and penalties. It doesn’t provide any incentives or further advantages.

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Self Credit Card’s Outstanding Benefits

  • There’s no need to put down a large sum of money as a down payment.
  • A credit check is not required.
  • Interest is earned on the Credit Builder account.

Standard Benefits of Self Credit Card

  • Three main credit reporting agencies receive their data.
  • Cardholders can make purchases everywhere Visa is accepted.

Cardholders’ Experience

Despite the fact that Self does not participate in the J.D. Power Credit Card Satisfaction Survey, the BBB has awarded the firm an excellent grade of B-plus for its performance. In order to get in touch, you may use the website’s live chat feature or phone number 877-883-0999.

Explore All the Benefits!

Self Visa is easier to get than other types of security cards. This card, in contrast to some of its rivals, would not need a credit check or a security deposit. The qualification procedure is really straightforward and uncomplicated.

In order to qualify for a self-visa, you just need to deposit money three times into your credit builder’s account, which should total at least $100, and at least one of those accounts must be in good shape.

It helps to improve credit while also providing a return on saved money.

A small loan from one of Self’s bank partners is offered as a reward for creating the credit builder account linked to this card. When you repay a loan, your payments are recorded to credit bureaus, which can help you develop credit characteristics, including payment history and other aspects.

The loan proceeds are then deposited into an interest-bearing Certificate of Deposit, which is protected by the FDIC. When your loan period expires, the CD is unlocked, and you receive all of the merchandise you’ve earned fewer fees and financing costs, in addition to the principle.

Explore the Cons

Because there is no credit check or security deposit required for this card, you will have to wait to use the credit it gives.

There is a waiting period after which you must make at least three on-time monthly payments totaling$100. This qualifies you for a card. Your credit card funds would be locked up until your 12- or 24-month payback period ended, so you wouldn’t be able to use them.

Payment is required; a self visa credit card costs $25 each year, plus a $9 non-refundable administrative fee. However, certain types of secure cards do not demand an annual payment. A credit builder’s loan on the self-credit card has interest charged to it as well. As a result, many people may find this card to be a costly alternative.

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