Standard Chartered Credit Card Application Status: Track Online

Standard Chartered Credit Card Application Status: Many of you must have a bank account with Standard Chartered. The bank offers a wide range of amazing credit cards for its customers.

Once you submit the credit card application to the bank, the next thing is to keep an eye on your Standard Chartered Credit Card Application Status.

However, the bank has offered online and offline methods for tracking SCB Credit Card Status. This post will provide you helpful steps for Standard Chartered Credit Card status tracking.

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Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Application Status
Standard Chartered Credit Card Track

How to track Standard Chartered Credit Card Status Online?

You can simply check your SCB Credit Card Application Status online within few minutes by following the steps below.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Status Tracking
Track Standard Chartered Credit Card Status with reference number
  • Once you visit this official page, type in your application reference number with a “# symbol” in the first column.
  • Now, enter your mobile number in the second column.
  • In the final step, hit the “Submit” button below.
  • The Standard Chartered application status of your SCB Credit Card will be reflected on your mobile or computer screen.

Track Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Status without reference number

In few instances applicants misplaced their application reference number by mistake. Sometimes, they might forget where they have noted down the application number.

However, the bank provides an option to retrieve the reference number. Just follow the steps published below to find your SCB Credit Card Application Status.

  • Copy the given link on your phone or laptop browser
Retrieve Standard Chartered Credit Card Status reference number
Retrieve Standard Chartered Credit Card Status reference number
  • Click on the “Forget Reference Number” link.
  • Enter your email id which you have given with the credit card applying time.
  • Hit the “GO” icon to get the reference number.

Once you retrieve your application reference number, then follow the process which we have provided above.

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Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Tracking Offline

Internet-savvy customers always go for the online tracking of credit card application status. However, there are many applicants who might not be aware of the full use of the internet.

Moreover, there are some areas with poor internet connectivity or having slow internet connection. At that time the applicants can use the offline ways of tracking Standard Chartered Bank credit card application status.

Track SCB Credit Card Application Status Offline with Branch visit

The applicants have the option to visit SCB’s nearby branch and ask the bank representative to provide you the status of your credit card application. However, keep your reference number handy while visiting the bank branch.

Track Via Post

The next offline step to track Standard Chartered Credit Card status is to write down a letter to the following address of Standard Chartered Bank.

Standard Chartered Bank,

Customer Care Unit, 19,

Rajaji Salai, Chennai 600 001


Do not forget to mention your query and application reference number while writing a letter to the above address.

Track with Standard Chartered Credit Card Customer Care Number

Another way to check your Standard Chartered Bank credit card application status is to contact the SCB Credit card customer care. There are helpline numbers for a particular state and city. You can visit the link below to get the details of all numbers.

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Customer Care Numbers

Which is the best method to check credit card status and Why?

However, the tracking of Standard Chartered Bank Credit card status can easily be done online and offline. In our opinion, the online method is the best when it comes to checking credit card application status.

The digital world let the applicants to explore the information at their fingertips. This can be easily done in few minutes. This is why we have recommended you to track the status of your Standard Chartered credit card application online.

How do I get a SCB credit card?

Getting an SCB Credit Card is not a difficult task anymore. The bank has provided an online application form on their official website for the same. There you have to follow the steps that are given below.

  • Visit the “Standard Chartered India” website.
  • Search for the “Credit Cards” section.
  • Now, the page will show you the list of SCB credit cards.
  • You will see the “Apply Now” button below every SC Credit Card.
  • Now, you have to click the “Apply Now” button on your desired credit card.
  • It will redirect you to a new page where you have to fill the online form.
  • Once you have provided all your personal and professional details, click on “Submit“.
  • The nearest SCB branch executive may contact you for the further process and guide you on how to get an SCB credit card.

However, you can also apply offline as well. To get a SCB credit card offline you need to visit the nearby Standard Chartered branch. Ask the branch executive about the eligibility and required documents.

Once you have submitted the required information the bank will issue you a new credit card.

What is the credit limit for Standard Chartered Credit Card?

There is no clear answer for what is the credit limit for Standard Chartered credit card. The reason is credit limit depends upon multiple factors. As you know that Standard Chartered provides multiple credit cards with various features. Some might be suitable for beginners and some fulfill the needs of professionals.

However, we have made a list that gives you an idea about what are factors determine the Standard Chartered credit limit.

  • Type of credit card.
  • Cardholder salary.
  • Past credit history.
  • The cardholder discipline in clearing bill payments.

How can I increase my credit limit in SCB?

The cardholder can visit the branch and ask the executive for limit enhancement. However, to save your time you can also increase your credit limit in SCB by online method. See the useful steps below.

  • Sign in with your login credentials on the Standard Chartered Online Banking.
  • Once you login then search for the “Help & Services” section.
  • There you will see a tab named “Card Management”. Click on it.
  • After clicking, “Choose the limit increase” option.
  • Now, you have to follow the instructions on the screen for placing a request for limit enhancement.

How do I upgrade my SC credit card?

In order to upgrade SC credit card one needs to visit the bank for a credit card up-gradation request. The officials of the branch will guide you further to upgrade your SC credit card.

Moreover, in many cases whenever a cardholder clears all his or her dues on time and maintains a good credit history, the bank automatically contacts them for auto-upgrade to a higher variant credit card.

How can I check my Standard Chartered credit card balance in India?

Usually, there are two ways to check Standard Chartered credit card balance online in India. These are online banking and SC Mobile. Those who got SC credit card approval can get access to these services. The steps to check SC credit card balance are mentioned below.

SC Mobile

  • Open the SC Mobile and log in.
  • Now, choose the credit card.
  • The top right section contains an option of “Card details”. Click that.
  • Here you can view your remaining credit card limit or balance.

Online Banking

  • Similarly, you have to log in to the online banking.
  • Then from the left-hand side menu, click the “Cards” tab and opt for the “Card summary” option.
  • Now, to check the remaining balance, go to the “Available credit limit” and choose the “Card details” menu to complete the process.

About The Post

We have tried to mention all the possible and useful ways to track the Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Application Status. Moreover, the purpose of this post is to provide the applicants valuable information.

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How can I track my Standard Chartered Credit Card?

You can track your Standard Chartered Credit Card application status online that is a quick process. Moreover, you can also track your Standard Chartered credit card offline by visiting the branch or dialing the customer care number.

  • Go to the following link to track online.
  • Now type the application reference number and mobile number in the columns.
  • Touch the ”Submit” button.
  • The result of your SCB Credit card status will be displayed on the screen.

How long does it take to get Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card?

However, the SCB provides hassle free services to its customers. But as per the Standard Chartered bank, this will take around 7 to 15 working days to get your SCB credit card.

Moreover, in few cases, this will take a bit more time to get approval. However, you can contact SCB customer care regarding the status of your application.

I had applied for Standard Chartered Credit Card offline. Will I able to track the status online?

Yes, no matter whether you apply for an SCB credit card online or offline, the bank will provide you an application reference number which will help you to check Standard Chartered Credit Card Status online.

Am I able to check SCB credit card status offline?

Yes, there are 3 ways to check the SCB credit card status offline. The details have been described below.

  1. Branch Visit
  2. Customer Care Number
  3. Via Post

What should I do if my credit card application got disapproved?

However, there maybe be few reasons that will result in the disapproval of your credit card application. Your SCB credit card might be disapproved due to incomplete documentation, or any error.

The best thing is to contact the SCB customer care and ask the representative the correct reason for disapproval.

I have lost my SCB credit card application reference number. How can I retrieve it?

The SCB provides a link which is named “Forget Reference Number”. This option allows you to retrieve the application reference number by submitting the email id.

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