Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Benefits & Features

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is a cashback credit card. This credit card is suitable for grocery and lifestyle spends.

The Manhattan credit cardholders can earn cashback and rewards while shopping from supermarkets. Moreover, they also offer exciting offers and cashback on entertainment and travel categories.

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Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card
Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Features

The SCB Manhattan Credit Card comes with great features that make this card a perfect deal. Here are its features.

Supplementary Credit Card

Similar to all other SCB credit cards, you can also get a supplementary credit card for your family members. The supplementary credit card helps your family member to enjoy the benefits of a Manhattan credit card.

Contactless Payments

Similarly, the Manhattan credit card is also enabled with a contactless payment feature. This will allow the cardholders to make payments without hand over their credit card to the merchant.

This will reduce the chances of card skimming and fraud payments that were earlier a common concern with credit cards.

Secure Online Transactions

Moreover, to add more security while making payments from the Manhattan credit card online, the card comes with a 3D Otp verification feature. Whenever a user makes a payment at an online portal he or she will receive an OTP to confirm his or her transaction.

Online Banking & SC Mobile

Additionally, the cardholders will also get access to online banking and SC Mobile. From here they can manage their credit cards as well as can also make Manhattan Credit Card Online Payment.

360 Rewards

The SC Manhattan Credit Card users can avail the benefits and offers of the 360 rewards catalog. This catalog contains ongoing offers that help cardholders to redeem their reward points.

Dial A Loan

Yes, you heard it right. This credit card does come with a dial a loan feature. It will help the cardholders to get an instant loan of up to 5 lakh rupees for a tenure of 12 to 60 months.

Other Main Features

Apart from all the above features, this SC Manhattan Card comes with the following features as well.

  • Kuch Bhi On EMI
  • Balance Transfer
  • Balance On EMI

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SCB Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Benefits

The main highlight of a credit card is always its benefits. So, here are the prime benefits of the Standard Chartered Manhattan Card.

5% Cashback

Get 5% cashback while shopping from supermarkets.

3X Reward Benefits

Similarly, you will also get 3X reward points on all other spendings.

Annual Fee Waiver

The annual fee waiver benefits will be given to those cardholders who spend 1,20,000 or more with this credit card.

Lifetime Free Add on Card

With this credit card, you can also avail of a lifetime free add on credit card for your family member.

Good Life Programme

The Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card users will have access to the SCB good life programme. This program offers discounts on various categories.

Other offers

Moreover, this credit card also offers discounts and cashback on travel, shopping, and dining. For the list of ongoing offers, click here.

Do you believe you require something else? You could apply for a Destiny MasterCard, which does not require a perfect credit history.

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SCB Manhattan Credit Card Eligibility

In this table, we have published the eligibility criteria for SCB Manhattan Credit Card.

1. AgeBetween 21 to 65 Years
2. Per month income90,000 rupees per month for both the salaried and self-employed
3. LocationThis card is allotted to those applicants who reside in SC serviceable cities

Every credit card application will only be approved after providing the correct documents. Here are the details of the required documents.

Photo IdPan Card, Aadhar Card, Voter Id
Address ProofDriving License, Telephone Bill, Rent Agreement, Bank statement
Salary Salary Slip or ITR Return

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SC Manhattan Credit Card Apply

Now, you will know how to apply for Manhattan Credit Card.

  • Visit either the SCB credit card section or click here.
  • Now, fill out the application form in the right-hand corner.
SC Manhattan Credit Card Apply
SC Manhattan Credit Card Apply
  • You have to submit the required details.
  • After getting your SCB Manhattan application the bank will contact you.

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Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Charges

Not everything in this world comes at free of cost. Similarly, there are certain charges levied on your Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card. Check the details in the table given below.

Fee & ChargesAmount
Annual FeeRs. 999
Renewal FeeRs. 999
Waive off if the annual spending is 1,20,000 or above
Add on FeeNil
Cash WithdrawalINR 300 or 3% on the withdrawal amount, whichever is higher
Over limit Charges2.50% on the over limit amount
Late Payment FeeRs. 0 to 800

How do I pay my Manhattan Credit Card?

To pay your Manhattan Credit Card bills from another bank account then you can use the Billdesk website.

  • Visit the Standard Chartered Credit Card Billdesk payment page.
  • Choose whether you have Mastercard or Visa.
  • Now, enter your Manhattan credit card digits twice in the required fields.
  • Thereafter, you have to write your registered mobile no., email, payment amount.
  • Choose your bank from the dropdown menu from which you want to complete the payment.
  • Click on the “Pay Now” option to redirect to your selected bank internet banking interface.
  • Confirm your payment and Payee details to process the payment.

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About The Post

The above post has published the full information for Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card. All its major features, offer, and benefits were explained with the help of the above post.

Moreover, you will also see the fee structure of this credit card. However, credit cards are also subject to financial risk if you will not use them properly. Don’t just blindly purchase any credit card because of its offers and rewards.

Prepare your annual budget, calculate your total expenses, and take advice from a well-known financial advisor is one of the best practices to buy any credit card.


Q.1 What is Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card best for?

Ans. The Manhattan credit card is best for earning cash back on all the items purchased from supermarkets. It offers 5% cash back on items purchased from the supermarket. Moreover, it will give you 3X rewards on all the other spending.

Q.2 How much minimum amount I have to spent to get 3X rewards?

Ans. For every 150 rupees, you can earn 3X rewards with your Manhattan credit card.

Q.3 What is the maximum amount I can save annually with this credit card?

Ans. As per the current rewards and cashback structure, you can save a maximum of up to 7,750 rupees per annum with this credit card.

Q.4 What are the annual fees of the Manhattan Credit Card?

Ans. The annual fee of Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card is INR 999.

Q.5 Is this credit card comes with an annual fee waiver option?

Ans. Yes, the annual fee waiver offer is applicable on this credit card. However, this offer can only be availed if your per annum spending is 1,20,000 or more.

Q.6 How to make SC Manhattan Credit Card Payment online?

Ans. The Manhattan credit card payment online can be done via SC Mobile or Online banking.

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