USAA Mortgage Loan Review

Everything You Need to Know About USAA Mortgage Loan

USAA specializes in VA loans for customers with military ties. USAA Mortgage is a one-of-a-kind financial services company. While USAA is not a credit union, it is owned by members who have “honourably served in the United States armed forces and their direct dependents.” On VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans, USAA does not charge any fees, and its rates and costs are competitive across the board.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia are served by USAA, but not through a network of local offices. USAA is a “100% consumer direct” company, which means that most transactions are completed over the phone or online. USAA is noted for its excellent customer service and expertise in military-related items. More than 13 million people are served by USAA.

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Pros and Cons of a USAA Mortgage Loan


  • USAA has an excellent reputation for customer service.
  • The lender specializes in VA loans.
  • VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans, often known as IRRRL or streamline refinance loans, are available through USAA.
  • Because VA loans account for the majority of USAA’s business, the company is well-versed in the ins and outs of qualifying.
  • Extensive expertise working with first-time home purchasers.
  • Loan paperwork can be submitted online.


  • Military members, veterans, and their families are the only ones who can use USAA.
  • There are no loans available from the Federal Housing Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture, or home equity.
    • Conventional loans are only offered to USAA members who are refinancing a mortgage with USAA subservice.
  • The USAA website has a limited amount of mortgage rate information, none of which is customizable. You’ll have to make a phone call.

What Types of Mortgages Does USAA Provide?

The mortgage branch of USAA specializes in refinancing and VA home loans.

USAA provides the following services:

  • Veterans Administration (VA) loans.
  • Jumbo VA loans.
  • Refinancing a mortgage.

VA IRRRL and conventional refinancing are two of USAA’s refinancing choices. Only members refinancing a USAA mortgage serviced by Nationstar Mortgage, a USAA subservicer, are eligible for the traditional option.

USAA does not provide the following services:

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans
  • USDA loans are available.
  • Home equity lines of credit.

USAA Mortgage Loan Products

A VA loan is available to almost everyone who qualifies for USAA membership. And, considering the excellent terms of these loans, it’s no surprise that USAA provides a large number of them.

As a professional lender of VA mortgage products, the bank has amassed great knowledge and competence over the years.

It does, however, have other sorts of loans in its portfolio, the majority of which have low down payments:

  • VA mortgage – Qualified military personnel and veterans can apply for a VA mortgage. They provide low rates, flexible credit and income restrictions, and may even allow you to buy with no money down.
  • Fixed-rate mortgage — A fixed-rate mortgage has a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan, which is usually 15 or 30 years. Conventional fixed-rate mortgages, unlike VA loans, demand private mortgage insurance (PMI) charges if you put less than 20% down.
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage – An adjustable-rate mortgage has a fixed interest rate for the first few years, then floats with the market for the remainder of the loan term.
  • Conventional 97 (also known as a “first-time homebuyer loan”) – These loans allow you to borrow up to 97 percent of the home’s value (thus the name) with as little as a 3% down payment. An excellent substitute for an FHA loan
  • Jumbo mortgage – Jumbo loans can help when you need to borrow more than the regular loan limits, which in most places are presently $548,250.

Investment properties and second houses can also be financed or refinanced with the help of USAA.

Home Equity Loans from USAA

Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit are not available through USAA (HELOCs).

USAA, on the other hand, offers cash-out refinances to homeowners. This is another option to take advantage of your home’s equity and use the cash value to finance a significant purchase, pay off other debts, fund a child’s college education, and so on.

A cash-out refinance, unlike a home equity loan, requires re-starting your mortgage. As a result, before committing to one, you should carefully assess the long-term costs of principal and interest.

Construction Loans from USAA

VA loans are available through USAA and can be utilised for both home acquisitions and new construction. You can pay for the property and building with a USAA construction loan, then roll the remaining sum into a mortgage after the house is finished.

What Are the Benefits of a USAA Home Loan?

On the USAA website, members can get preapproved in minutes and obtain a preapproval letter to assist them in negotiating with sellers. This letter of preapproval can be used for a period of up to 90 days. A certificate of eligibility certifying eligibility for a VA loan is also required for prospective homebuyers seeking for a VA loan. is where you can apply for a certificate of eligibility.

Members can work with a USAA loan officer to complete the mortgage application after discovering a potential house. The buyer should supply recent bank statements, income statements such as pay stubs, and other supporting papers as requested during the application process.

The application is then reviewed by USAA to ensure that no more information is required, that the title is clear, and that the supporting documents match the application. When you’ve been authorised and are ready to close on the house, bring your ID together with a cashier’s check or wire transfer to cover any down payment and closing charges.

Mortgages from USAA are ideal for:

  • Those who may be eligible for USAA membership.
  • Those looking for a VA loan with no costs.
  • Those who cherish excellent customer service.

What is USAA Mortgage and How Do They Work?

Due to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, USAA began limiting the sorts of mortgages it offers. The lender now nearly entirely works with VA mortgages and no longer offers conventional loans.

If your first mortgage was with USAA, you can only refinance your conventional loan. Cash-out refinances are now unavailable, regardless of whether you have a conventional or VA loan.

Mortgage Eligibility With USAA

The fact that USAA isn’t available to more individuals is probably its biggest flaw.

To use USAA’s financial services, you must first join the organisation. And you can only do that if you qualiUSA

Veterans and active duty or honorably retired members of the following military branches are eligible to join USAA.

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • National Guard and Reserves

Many widows, widowers, and divorced former spouses may be eligible.


USAA specializes in VA loans and provides a number of online conveniences, but it does not give customized rate quotations on its website. If you require a VA loan and have a credit score of at least 640, USAA is a suitable choice.

USAA distinguishes itself by offering well-supported and comprehensive services. USAA not only originates mortgages, but also services them and gives a cash-back incentive if you use one of its network of real estate agents.

If you’re looking for alternative possibilities, LoanMart, which offers a general loan, is a good place to start.

FAQs on USAA Mortgage

Q) What is the minimum credit score for a USAA home loan?

A 640 credit score is required for a VA loan through USAA.

Q) Where Does USAA Do Business?

USAA’s mortgage products are available in all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C.

Q) What Kinds of Discounts Does USAA Provide?

On mortgage products, USAA does not provide any discounts. When members bundle their vehicle and homeowners insurance with USAA, they can save up to 10% on their insurance.

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