What is Cif Number of Central Bank of India, Find CIF number

In this post, we will discuss what is Cif number of Central Bank of India? However, it is very important to know what CIF number means and how to find the CIF number.

Are you hearing the term CIF number for the first time? Do you know what CIF number means? Before we move on to the Cif number of the Central Bank of India, first you must know the meaning of the Cif number.

This post will surely clear all your doubts regarding the bank CIF number. So, stay tuned to this post till the end to find what is CIF number and what is cif number in Central Bank of India.

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What does CIF number means?

This question must arise in your mind what does CIF number means? CIF number means Customer Information File as well as it is the full form of CIF.

The CIF number consists of all the banking records of the customers in a digital form. Whenever a person opens his or her account with a bank, in return the bank issue them a CIF number.

This CIF number makes it easy for the bank to find its customer necessary banking information like date of birth, mobile number, account number, past credit history, etc.

How to find CIF number

So far, you have learned the meaning of the CIF number. Now, the question arises again that how to find the CIF number. However, to find the CIF number you must have the following resources.

  • The first method to find a CIF number is to use your Internet Banking.
  • The simplest way to find a CIF number is your bank passbook. Almost all the passbook contains the detail of CIF number on the very first page.
  • In case your passbook misses your CIF number then look into your chequebook.
  • Moreover, the bank helpline and branch also helps to find the CIF number.

So far, we have clear your doubts about what Cif number means and how to get the Cif number. Now, we move on to the main topic What is Cif Number of Central Bank of India.

CIF Number Central Bank of India

Whenever a person opens his account with a Central bank, the bank provides each customer an 11 digit CIF number. This number consists of all the information of the bank customer.

However, if the Central bank does not issue a CIF number to you then you can get your 11 digit CIF number by following the methods mentioned below.

How to find Central Bank CIF number Online

Now, you will learn how to find the Central bank of India CIF number online. We have provided you 3 best ways to get the Central bank Cif number online.

Internet Banking

The answer to what is CIF Number in Central Bank of India will be given by Central Bank Internet Banking. Here are the ways to find the CIF Number in the Central Bank of India.

  • Open the Central Bank of India official website in your browser by clicking here.
  • Now, click the down arrow icon beside the red login button.
Find Central Bank Cif No
Find Central Bank Cif No
  • Click the “Internet Banking” option and then click on the “Login” button under “Personal Login”.
  • A new window for Internet Banking login will open and here you have to click the “Get CIF” option on the right.
How to get CIF number of CBI
How to get CIF number of CBI
  • After clicking the “Get CIF” link you have to enter your account number on the next window.
  • After filling in your bank account number click on the “Submit”.
Central Bank Cif Number Online
Central Bank Cif Number Online

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Cent M-Passbook App

Similarly, to find the Central Bank CIF number online you can use the Cent Mpassbook mobile app. Follow these steps to know CIF number in Central Bank.

  • Install the Cent Mpassbook app from your app store.
  • Login to the Mpassbook app.
  • Click on the “Passbook” option.
  • Here you will find all the details associated with your bank account.
  • Scroll below to see your Central Bank Cif Number.
CIF Number Central Bank of India

Cent Mobile App

Moreover, there is another mobile app powered by Central Bank. The name of this mobile app is Cent Mobile. You have to use its contact us section to find the CIF number. Check the process with the help of the images below.

  • Download the “Cent Mobile” app from the play store.
  • Now, register yourself with the “Cent” mobile app.
  • When you open the “Cent” app a login page will appear and you have to click on the “table” icon on the top left corner.
How to find cif number of central bank of India Online
  • After that tap the “Contact Us” option.
How to get cif number of central bank of India
  • Here you will see the “Toll Free Contact Center” number. Call the number that is mentioned in the following image.
CIF Number Central Bank through Helpline

How to find the CIF number of the Central Bank of India Offline

Moreover, Central bank account holders can check their CIF number via offline methods. Similarly, to know the CIF number of Central Bank there are 3 offline options available. Check them below.

Central Bank CIF number through Passbook

You can find your CIF Number in the Central Bank of India passbook. This is the best opted way to check the CIF number. Usually, the Central Bank of India Cif number is printed on the first page of the bank passbook.

Know Central Bank CIF Number through Helpline Number

Moreover, if your CIF Number of Cental bank is misprinted on the passbook then you can dial the following helpline number.


Check CIF Number through Branch Visit

Alternatively, your central bank branch will also provide you the CIF number in case you have difficulty finding the CIF number.

However, when you visit your branch please keep your account number and identification details with yourself to get your Central Bank Cif No.

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We have mentioned the full details about What is Cif Number of Central Bank of India. Moreover, we have tried our best to explain each possible way to find the CIF number of Central Bank.

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Q.1 How can I know my CIF number in Central Bank?

Ans. Most people use their bank passbooks to find their CIF number. You can also know your CIF number from your Central Bank passbook.

Moreover, the other ways include visiting the bank branch, dialing the helpline number, using internet banking to find the CBI Cif Number.

Additionally, you can install the Cent Mpassbook app to know your Central Bank CIF number.

Q.2 How can I get CIF Number of CBI by SMS?

Ans. As per our research, there is no way to find the Cif Number of Central Bank through SMS. However, there is a Central Bank customer care number which will help you to know the CIF number. The number to dial is: 📞 1800221911

Q.3 Is IFSC same as CIF?

Ans. No, IFSC Code is different from the CIF Number. IFSC Code can be the same for most of the bank account with the same branch. But, the CIF number is different for every account holder.

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