What Is Customer Id In Canara Bank & How To Find It

Canara Bank is the largest public sector bank that is officially functioning under govt. of India. The bank performs multiple services for their customers through online and offline means. In this post, we will publish about what is customer id in Canara bank and how to get customer id in Canara Bank online.

There are different means available to know customer id of Canara bank. We will display all those methods which allow you to find Canara bank customer id.

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What Is Customer Id In Canara Bank
Canara Bank Customer Id

What Is Customer Id In Canara Bank?

Before we move on to the ways to get user id for Canara Bank, first we must know what is customer id in Canara bank.

  1. The customer id consists of 11 digits number.
  2. This 11 digit customer id keeps the record of all the bank customers.
  3. It is very helpful when it comes to transferring your bank account to the other Canara bank branch.
  4. The prime reason to use customer id is to keep all the confusion aside as there were instances of the same person same bank account in the past.
  5. As per RBI advisory, one customer can have a single customer id for more than 1 bank accounts as well.

How To Get Customer Id of Canara Bank

There are basically 5 ways to get the customer id of Canara Bank. Here we have published all the ways that allow the account holders to know their customer id online and offline.

  1. Welcome Kit
  2. Customer Care Number
  3. Passbook
  4. Cheque book
  5. Internet Banking

Now, we will provide you all the steps that require to find the customer id. Please check out the section below.

Welcome Kit

A welcome kit is the most common thing that comes while opening an account with Canara bank. This welcome kit contains a letter that provides the account holder’s banking details and customer id. You can view your customer id on the very first page of the welcome letter.

Canara Bank Customer Care Number

Another way to know your user id is to dial the Canara Bank customer care number. This section has provided all the necessary steps.

  • The Canara bank account holder has to first dial the following helpline number. 1800-4250018. 
  • For verification purposes, the officials of the bank will listen to your query and then ask you few questions.
  • The customer has to give the following information account number, DOB, name and registered phone number.
  • Post verification you will receive your customer id in your inbox.

Canara Bank Cheque Book

Moreover, account holders of Canara Bank can also look at their customer id on their Cheque book. Usually, the customer id is written near the account holder’s name and account number on the first page of the chequebook.

Canara Bank Passbook

This section will give information on how to get user id for Canara Bank through a passbook.

  • Pick up your Canara bank passbook and open its first page.
  • This page contains all your important banking details associated with Canara bank.
  • Watch closely you will definitely find your account number and customer id there.
  • Note down your customer id in a notebook for future reference. This will be handy if you mistakenly lost your passbook.

How to get customer id in Canara bank online with Internet banking

In order to get customer id in Canara bank online, the account holders have to use the internet banking option. We will provide you with some useful steps that will help you to find the same.

  • Open the official web link of Canara bank net banking on your device.
  • On this net banking page use your login credentials.
  • Now, you have to look for the “Account Statement” option from the menu bar.
  • This will open your bank account statement first page online.
  • Here you can easily locate your customer id.

Why We Use Customer Id

The following are the areas where we need customer id. These are:

  • Talking with customer care executive.
  • In order to apply for a new cheque book.
  • To get a passbook.
  • To access the internet banking services.

About The Post

This is an informative post on what is customer id and how to find customer id in Canara bank. We have mentioned all the possible ways which help the bank account holders to know their customer id.

It is very easy to find customer id offline as it is written on your passbook, cheque book, and on the welcome kit letter. However, if one wants to find online he or she can go with internet banking. That’s all in this post.

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Is Canara bank user ID and customer ID the same?

Yes, both the user id and customer id are the same.

How many digits are there in Canara Bank customer ID?

There is a total number of 11 digits in the Canara bank customer id.

How can I get my customer ID for Canara Bank without passbook?

You can find your customer id without a passbook by using the below-mentioned methods.

Via Cheque book

  • Pick your Canara bank cheque book and open its front page.
  • Nowadays, the banking information of the customers is printed on the first page of the latest cheque book.
  • You can easily locate your customer id as well as your account number on the front page of the cheque book.

Similarly, one can also use internet banking as well to find their customer id. It is located in the account statement section. Moreover, one can also contact the Canara bank helpline for the same.

Where we have to use the Canara Bank Customer Id?

We have to use the customer id to avail of the following services.

  • Whenever we have to apply for a new cheque book.
  • To re-apply for a new passbook.
  • To get access to the net banking dashboard.
  • For verification on the customer care helpline number.

What information is carried by Canara bank customer id?

The customer id carries the information about bank account holders. This information is very beneficial for the bank as well as account holders. With customer id the bank can track on the details of each customer individually which reduces the chances of mistake that happens when there are same name customers.

Disclaimer: All the information published here are for informational and educational purposes only. Moreover, all these information are researched from official sources. However, we will not warranty the information to be accurate and completed. Do not share your bank details or personal details in the comment box. For more queries visit the official website.

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